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Peter Winckelman, master mariner

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Peter Winckelman, master mariner

Postby kaytee » Wed Sep 13, 2017 3:02 pm

My gt-gt-grandmother Eliza Winckelman was baptised at the City of London Lying-In hospital in 1818 – the record lists her father as Peter Winckelman, seaman, with Hamburg as his abode. Her marriage certificate records him as "master mariner". I have found some references in contemporary newspapers to Peter Winckelman (various spellings!) being the captain of brigs sailing between Hull and Hamburg and Bremen (in Hamburg- and Bremen-built ships). The last reference that I found was of one of his brigs being sold by an agent in London in 1812, the ship in question "lying in mud at Union Stairs". Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I can find out more about him? I assume that he was German, although there was always a story that we had a Danish sea captain in the family. I'm also not sure how to find out more about his wife Elizabeth (my 3x gt grandmother). She remarried as a widow in 1833 so he must have died some time before then. She lived in London and gave her birthplace on several censuses as St Katherine's (or St Kitts) so I assume that she wasn't German herself but I've not been able to find a marriage record for them in London. Unfortunately, the City of London Lying-In Hospital admissions registers for 1818 appear to have been destroyed which closes off that channel of information. Sorry this is all rather long-winded but any hints or suggestions most gratefully received!
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