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Harris in Luton pre-1800

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Harris in Luton pre-1800

Postby PaulH01 » Wed Sep 13, 2017 10:30 am

I have traced one branch of the family back to John Harris, born 1802 in Luton.
His parents are John and Elizabeth.

Other children born to John/Elizabeth Harris, baptised Luton, in that timeframe are:
Joseph, Thomas (baptised same day in 1798)
James, William (baptised same day in 1803)
Daniel (baptised 1805)
I'd be surprised if there were two sets of twins, and I know that people moving around sometimes had more than one child baptised together.

I am trying to find out more about John and Elizabeth.
I can see that John Harris/Elizabeth Large married in Luton 1801 (if this is the right one, and they are the parents of all the children above, obviously two were born before the marriage).

Elizabeth Large may be the daughter of Thomas and Anne, born in Flitwick around 1778.

But for John Harris I'm struggling.
I can see two born in Luton around that time:
1769 in Luton to William/Elizabeth
1770 in Luton to Sargent/Ann

I'd like it to be the latter because of the unusual first name, but he seems to hail from Toddington, not Luton. There is a William Harris who married Elizabeth Chapman in Luton in 1765, which sounds plausible, but I can find nothing else from Luton before that. A few outside Luton, though.

Anyone also researching this, or any ideas how I might be able to find out about John's father?

Paul H
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Re: Harris in Luton pre-1800

Postby sdup26 » Thu Sep 14, 2017 5:59 pm

Joseph Harris, born c 1796, and Daniel Harris, born c 1805, both widowers, and both born in Round Green, Luton, Beds, are living with George and Emily Horsfield in 1881. Brothers? If so, and as Joseph was christened in 1798, as was Thomas, then as you say, they were born before the marriage of John Harris and Elizabeth Large in 1801.

Is it possible that the mother of Joseph and Thomas wasn't the mother of John, James, William and Daniel, all christened after 1801? A first marriage for John to another Elizabeth is at least worth considering. (For instance, there's a marriage for a John Harris to Elizabeth Wallen 1/2/1796, in Eaton Bray, near Luton.)
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Re: Harris in Luton pre-1800

Postby PaulH01 » Thu Sep 14, 2017 6:26 pm

Thanks for that - yes, I think you've spotted why I feel a bit stuck at the moment.

I'd noticed the Joseph/Daniel 1881 Census entry, and from that had thought they were brothers (as you say, both from Round Green as well) but as you say, one was born before the John Harris/Elizabeth Large marriage, and one wasn't.
I've also found Thomas (born at the same time as Joseph) in Houghton Regis until the 1881 Census, and William in Houghton Regis/Kings Walden/Flamstead until the 1891 Census. No more clues there, apart from the fact that they both seem to have gone in one direction - SW (-ish) of Luton.

I've been concentrating on Luton and not nearby towns/villages because all of them seem to have gone to St.Mary's Luton for their baptisms/marriages/burials. This may be wrong, but all of the villages seem to have pretty big churches, I don't think they were rich, so I thought they probably were in Luton itself.
I find records from this time pretty incomplete - anyone have an idea why, or if some are still waiting to be transcribed? I cannot find an 1841 Census entry for John Harris b 1802, for example - even with his wife having the distinctive name of Phillis.
Also for that reason (staying within Luton) I didn't really consider the John Harris/Elizabeth Wallen Eaton Bray marriage - but it's possible. I fear I may not be able to get much further....
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