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Discuss the 14th series of the award-winning television programme, which will feature Charles Dance, Clare Balding, Fearne Cotton and more
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Lisa Hammond's episode

Mon Sep 04, 2017 8:40 am

Hello everyone!

The next episode of Who Do You Think You Are?, starring EastEnders actress Lisa Hammond, is showing at 8pm on Thursday 7 September on BBC One.

Lisa starts by trying to discover why her paternal grandfather, Harry Hammond, never spoke about his experiences during the Second World War. On her mother's side, she's always thought of herself as a Londoner through and through, so she's surprised when she uncovers roots in rural Wales.

As ever, please let us know what you think in the thread below!

Re: Lisa Hammond's episode

Fri Sep 08, 2017 7:03 am

Didn't know who Lisa Hammond was but thoroughly enjoyed this episode.
She was so convinced that they were all city dwellers, it was very funny to see her reaction to being decended from welsh farmers. She came across as very genuine.
Grace :D

Re: Lisa Hammond's episode

Fri Sep 08, 2017 4:17 pm

I found this episode generally dull, especially over her ancestors being from London, most people gravitated to what is now London from outside, as opposed to the City of London, if I recall Mile End was once in Middlesex. I did find out two interesting points, firstly the British Red Cross Archive (I didn't know there was one) and that they have copies of MI9 interrogation reports of POWs (that were transferred to the Public Record Office, now The National Archives, in series WO 208 in 1973) and that the Resettlement Centres, which again I didn't know about. So for 'seasoned' researchers like myself there is always something that comes up which is useful and unknown.

Re: Lisa Hammond's episode

Sun Sep 10, 2017 7:05 pm

Hi All,

I had a strange deja vu as I listened to this episode and heard about William Henry Hildritch. I initially thought I had read a spoiler about the episode but then I realised it was because William Henry Hildritch is in my own tree. Hildritch's wife gets little mention in the episode, but she is Ann UMNEY and she the daughter of Thomas UMNEY and Ann CARSS. Thomas's parents were John UMNEY and Frances WHITCHURCH who were married in Putney and I am descended from another daughter of this marriage, Elizabeth UMNEY. The Umney family come from Putney and thence Sherington in Buckinghamshire. So Lisa has country folk on that line as well. If anyone is interested, I can fill in some of the history of that side of the tree.

I'd be interested to know where the records of the court case about the will of Joseph Hildritch were found.

Best wishes,
Adrian Finch

Re: Lisa Hammond's episode

Wed Sep 13, 2017 10:08 pm

Hi Adrian. I had exactly the same feeling as you when watching the programme as I too am descended from William Hilditch & from the Umney's. I'm also interested in trying to have access to the documents on the programme. I found Lisa's tree on Ancestry & sent her a message but don't realistically expect a reply. Would be good to compare trees with you.

Re: Lisa Hammond's episode

Thu Sep 14, 2017 8:50 am

I thought it was an interesting episode. I didn't know about the resettlement camps, the idea of them seemed to have been forward thinking for their time. I had no idea who Lisa Hammond was, but that doesn't bother me as I am interested in pretty much all family history.

Re: Lisa Hammond's episode

Sun Nov 19, 2017 6:28 am

I haven't had access to recent series of WDYTYA on free to air TV in Australia; and now presently house bound in poor health, I am working my way through the recordings on You Tube. Had no idea of who Lisa Hammond is as a celeb (nor many of the others); but really enjoyed all aspects of this episode - found the story of her grandfather's WWII service & as POW, then rehab fascinating; and also the eventual trail of the Hilditches back from the east end to Denbighshire. Well done.
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