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Elizabeth STEWARD

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Re: Elizabeth STEWARD

Postby SDV » Thu Oct 31, 2019 9:49 pm

It looks like she died aged 77 in Kent in 1880 {Q3 1880 E Ashford 2a 421]. Her maiden name was CAVILL.

There was another article about her when she was in Hornchurch, involving the sale upon the death of the owner of five cottages in Billett Lane, one of which she was living in.

Given that Esther BRETT was baptised in Romford on 24 Nov 1839, it seems reasonable to assume that John Brett could not have died before 1838. He was certainly dead by 1851 when Eliza was declaring herself a widow and probably by 1841.How can it be so difficult?

PS I note that in their usual disregard for facts the trees on Ancestry have decided - apparently spontaneously and in unison - that John BRETT is actually called Charles BRETT!
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Re: Elizabeth STEWARD

Postby Templ4r » Fri Nov 01, 2019 10:52 am

You have to take a lot of trees with a pinch of salt. Very inaccurate and just copied.

I told 3 people that my grandfather was only married once, to my grandmother, 1 rectified it and 2 told me I was wrong. I pointed out that the Lawrence Hassall who married in Belper was the cousin of my grandfather who married in Loughborough, I lived with them for nearly 8 years as a child.

They are still up there now, along with all the children born before their mothers, dying at 103 in a place where there are no links and the same mistakes just carry on.
"Doing your Famiy tree" by teatime is quite easy now, just look for a name that seems to match and bingo, 10 generations.

I've been doing mine since 1994, got 400 plus certificates and thousands of Microfiche, CD's and books and still struggle to find an ancestor, but I know my tree is accurate. Nobody is added unless I can prove it.

But that's the fun in doing it, the detective work and challenges.
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