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Spanish Ancestry, Patrick Gleeson, 1830s, Ireland

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Spanish Ancestry, Patrick Gleeson, 1830s, Ireland

Postby cunneen_researcher » Mon Aug 07, 2017 12:59 am

Hello fellow genealogists and family historians,

My ancestor Patrick Gleeson was born in County Limerick, Ireland, in about 1839. His parents were Laurence Gleeson and Johanna Baragry/Barragry.

Some old (but reasonably reliable) family stories have it that Patrick had recent Spanish ancestors (probably his great-grandparent(s) or closer). How would I go about proving/disproving this claim?

Any help, whether information or some guidance/direction, would be immensely appreciated as I would really like to know with certainty whether I truly do have Spanish ancestry.

Many thanks,


Additional info:
- Laurence & Johanna married on 21 May 1835 in Sologhead, witnesses: Patrick & Margaret Gleeson
- Laurence Gleeson was a farmer
- Johanna Barragry/Baragry's father is believed to have been a soldier ('probably a sergeant')
- The Spanish ancestry is believed to be on Johanna's side of the pedigree, but this is not certain
- Is 'Baragry' a misspelling/mis-transcription of Spanish surnames Baragui, Barangri, Barangui, Bargui?
- Patrick Gleeson was baptised 19 Apr 1839 in Sologhead, sponsor: Maria Gleeson
- Patrick had no known siblings
- Patrick had brown eyes and dark, curly hair - features supposedly inherited from his Spanish ancestors
- Johanna Barragry supposedly remarried to a man with surname O'Brien
- Patrick is believed to have arrived in Australia with his step-father O'Brien
- Patrick likely arrived in Australia per the 'Great Victoria' on 28 Nov 1864
- He married Ellen Hogan (1860-1953) on 9 Jun 1882 in Yarrawonga, Victoria (Marriage Cert. 1882/2315)
- He died on 14 Oct 1914 in Goorambat, Victoria (Death Cert. 1914/12596)
- Patrick's ancestry hasn't been proven beyond his parents, but there are likely grandparents in the records
- Autosomal DNA testing will soon be done for two of his descendants
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Re: Spanish Ancestry, Patrick Gleeson, 1830s, Ireland

Postby cunneen_researcher » Mon Aug 07, 2017 9:08 pm

Thank you for responding.

Your idea about the British soldiers in Gibraltar is interesting. I don't know much about what records survive, but perhaps searching for 'Baragry' in early British military records could be something that I can pursue.

In terms of the DNA testing, I'm mainly getting it done to see if through cousin matches I can trace back a generation or two in Ireland. There are multiple baptism records for Laurence Gleeson and Johanna Baragry, hopefully through cross-referencing with DNA matches I can narrow done the likely candidates. I'm also hopeful that the test results might include distant Spanish DNA cousin matches.

Your note about the prison registers is interesting. We have another family story (this one perhaps less likely to be true) that before moving to Australia, Patrick Gleeson was part of the Fenian movement in Ireland. He was apparently arrested at 18 years of age whilst smuggling 14 pounds of gunpowder to Fenian troops in the Knockmealdown Mountains. Surely, if he was arrested for such a crime, then there might be a record of it in Irish prison registers? That's another lead that I can pursue.

This is certainly a more difficult research problem, and I'm thinking that I may need to invest in hiring a professional genealogist to help. Thank you for giving me your input. You've given me some things to think about.
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Re: Spanish Ancestry, Patrick Gleeson, 1830s, Ireland

Postby MayHam » Tue Aug 08, 2017 12:57 am

RC Church Marriage
Barragy Denis
1794 Co. Limerick

Church of Ireland Marriage
Birracree Patrick
1803 Co. Limerick

There are several Barragry (various spellings) in County Limerick beginning in 1809.
No Johanna, though, in any of the counties listed.

It appears FindMyPast relies on the Catholic Parish Registers of the National Library of Ireland.
I can't quite make out the word following witness Maria Gleeson in Patrick's baptismal record -- maybe sister? ... 4/mode/1up

Also the records of Limerick Genealogy, which are slightly different, are on RootsIreland.

For example, Limerick Genealogy says Johanna Baragry married *Edmond* Gleeson in 1835.
She may be the same Johanna Berecry who married Thomas Benn in 1861 in County Tipperary. ... rth&page=1
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Re: Spanish Ancestry, Patrick Gleeson, 1830s, Ireland

Postby cunneen_researcher » Tue Aug 08, 2017 1:40 am

Thanks for responding MayHam, and thank you for pointing out those two records. I think I'll use those as a starting point for researching other Baragry families in early 1800s Limerick. If I have any luck I might be able to find out if they're extended family that fit into my tree.

I have managed to find a baptism record for a Joanna Barragy who was baptised in the parish of Tipperary (which was adjacent to the parish of Sologhead) on 6 July 1812, daughter of Joanne (John) Barragy and Margaret Quinlan, sponsors Richardus Flemming and Anna (?). The year fits, but the location is a little bit off.

I'll do some searching in the websites that you listed and see what I can find.
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