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Richard Palmer missing boy age 7 on 1901 census

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Richard Palmer missing boy age 7 on 1901 census

Postby owenlee4me » Sat Aug 05, 2017 5:26 pm

I am wanting to find Richard Palmer who was born 1894 at South Shields
HIs parents took some finding but I managed, his mother was Annie Mills Brown, his father Richard Palmer (according to Birth CErt)
Richard is on the 1911 census lodging with Thomas Ramm Frederick Street Hebburn.
FAr as I have been able to tell, this family have no connection with Richard, or the Family called Screaton (daughter of Thomas Ramm)

I know Richard mother Annie is with his two sisters in 1891 on Northumberland Street Newcastle.

The main fact of this story is, that Annie Palmer married Robert Brown, when she had her son in 1894 Palmer was the fathers name on the birth certifcate her name as Any MIlls Brown, yet she called her son Palmer,and not Brown, this may be because her two daughters were also Palmer.

But, I cannot find Richard on the 1901 Census anywhere.
The family believed he was a orphan, but John Palmer (father of the two daughters) had died before 1886 and Annie second husband Robert Brown had also died before Richard's birth.

Annie was still alive in 1901 but Richard is not with her.
I have tried looking for him under Brown, Palmer, MIlls (Mother's maiden name) in the north east and further, but no luck.
There is a family in MIddlesex by the name of Richard Palmer senior and wife annie with son Richard but this is not them.

On Richard's birth certificate it has his fathers occupation as Commercial Traveller, but this is a dead end.

I want to find Richard in 1901, where is he? why is he not able to be found, he is literally only about 7years old.

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Re: Richard Palmer missing boy age 7 on 1901 census

Postby sdup26 » Sat Aug 05, 2017 6:01 pm

Any chance this is him? 1901 Houghton le Spring, Durham, Richard Brown aged 7 (b1894), grandson. In the household of William Holmes b 1842, coal miner, born Newcastle on Tyne.
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