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Re: Ashwin

Postby Gandalph » Tue Aug 08, 2017 11:39 am

ianbee wrote:There's a death of an Arthur John Jones, age 35, in Hastings in 1904. Might be Florence's husband?

Has a birth registration of Albert John Ashwin been found?
Could he be the John Ashwin, 30, Commercial Clerk, born Somerset Bishops Hull(?), visiting Mr and Mrs Bacon in Streatham in 1901?
What happened to Florence Emma and the children?
Could a marriage in Kensington in June qtr 1921 be relevant - Albert J J Ashwin + Elise Stopt / Da Re (see City of London electoral registers)

Even if he went to Europe, could AJ have come back as WW2 approached?
1939 Register has an Albert J Ashwin, born July 1870, living 5 Newton Road, Paddington.
He features in the London Gazette at the time, and is described as Albert John Ashwin, Insurance Representative.
However, going on his birthdate in 1939 he would also fit the Albert James Ashwin whose birth was registered in Bristol in Sep qtr 1870.This chap seems to have married Meta Frances Ettery in Bristol in 1890. But he was not with his family in 1901. Meta Ashwin emigrated to America in 1903 with her two children, her mother and a couple of her siblings. Not sure that her husband did the same, though I haven't looked that hard.
Another death - Paddington, Dec qtr 1957, Albert Ashwin, age 87

Thank you very much for your substantial reply, it helps us move forward. We don't know what happened to Emma. This what we know:

The family is still in Ramsgate on the 1911 census. As well as Flora (4yrs) there is also Vera (2yrs) and Guy Arthur Jones (14 yrs) listed as step-son. Albert is still listed as a ship broker.

From the Yorkshire Post 29/6/1923 - "Ship Owner's big losses and liabilities estimated at £10,000. Creditors interested in the recent failure of Albert John Ashwin, shipowner, of Billiter St, London, met in London."

We will, of course, keep you informed.
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