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Lost Great Great Grandfather.

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Re: Lost Great Great Grandfather.

Postby 2012girl » Thu Jul 20, 2017 1:13 am

Ah I see that 1870 marriage did take place at Wicklow too. It's on the next page to the marriage discussed earlier in the thread, where they were witnesses! I should have thought to check that link before! Anyway, is that a Martha Darrah or Donah who was a witness at their own wedding?
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Re: Lost Great Great Grandfather.

Postby JMcK » Thu Jul 20, 2017 3:40 am

James Brown & Martha Darrah I think. Looks like Alexander's name minus the g.
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Re: Lost Great Great Grandfather.

Postby 2012girl » Thu Jul 20, 2017 9:35 am

Yes, I thought that too. I wonder where she might fit into the picture then? A sister, perhaps?

There is a marriage further down the page on 8th Jan 1871 of a Martha Darrah to Patrick Plunkett, that might be worth looking at to see if her father was also Thomas Darragh? The GRO index has her down as Martha Darah, Mar 1871, Rathdrum, v.2, pg 1051

There is a birth record for a George Plunkett: 3rd June 1874, Rathnew. Parents: Patrick Plunkett, Labourer and Martha Plunkett, formerly DOGHERTY!

Also Anne Plunket: 27th Mar 1876, Rathnew. Parents: Patrick and Martha, formerly DOHERTY. Her baptism on 2nd Apr 1876 at Wicklow also gives the same info.

Martha was the informant on both births too. It looks like she may well have been a sister of Alexander's? They're the only 2 Plunkett children that I can find who were born in Rathdrum district with those parents details.

I wonder if Anne Doherty was first married to a Thomas Darragh and then later a Mr. Doherty? Not sure why both children would be switching between the two names though, unless they had adopted their step father's surname? If that was the case then it would probably rule out that Thomas Darragh death in 1876 as they have already used both names by that point
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Re: Lost Great Great Grandfather.

Postby 2012girl » Thu Jul 20, 2017 10:57 am

If there was a Mr. Doherty, and he also died in the Rathdrum district (and we don't know that he did) and if we assume that Anne's age at death was vaguely correct there are these possible candidates:

Michael Doherty, Sep 1878, age 75
Thomas Doherty, Jun 1880, age 72
Mathew Doherty, Dec 1881, age 80

Of course there's also the possibility that any deaths may have occurred prior to civil registration in 1864 but it would be good to have confirmation of where the Doherty surname comes in, even if that doesn't explain the Darragh part! I'm not suggesting you fork out for certificates willy-nilly but it might be worth taking a look if the images become available online, it does state that the GRO are working on updating the death records dating back to 1864 but it doesn't give a time frame on that
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Re: Lost Great Great Grandfather.

Postby auds120 » Thu Jul 20, 2017 12:08 pm

Whoa folks, thank you all so much such great insights, I will have a lot more avenues to look down.

In answer to some of the questions raised :

An Edward Quaid married the first couple on the 20th Feb 1870 in the District of Ashford in the union of Rathdrum, they both resided in Rathnew at the time of the marriage. I had thought the witnesses were both a sister and brother of the groom and bride.

All registrations for Rathnew took place in Rathdrum, this appears to have been the registration district for the area.

Looking at the wonderful information you have given me I will be exploring the avenue of Thomas Darragh marrying Anne and now Martha. I hadn't looked further into Martha but she is someone I feel I need to explore more.

Alexander used the surname Darragh on his marriage in Feb 1870 however when he registered the birth of his firstborn son in Nov 1870 he registered him as a Doherty and all children following.

Also when he remarried in 1884 he again gave the name Darragh (alias) I wonder as you suggested Jill, one of the possible matches for his stepfather was deceased at that time. I will see the best matches I can come up with and will if necessary get the certificates.

Once again thank you all so much for the time and effort you are putting into this for me.
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Re: Lost Great Great Grandfather.

Postby 2012girl » Thu Jul 20, 2017 1:06 pm

Just one final thing. I couldn't find anything further on Martha in the civil records after the birth of the daughter Anne in 1876, no obvious deaths jumping out etc, nothing for George or Anne Plunkett in the Rathdrum district either, so perhaps they didn't stay in that area?

The only thing I did come across was a marriage for a Patrick Plunkett on 19th Dec 1892 at Wicklow to a Sarah Marshall, it says he was a Widower, a labourer, residence of Newcastle, father Patrick Plunkett. Sarah Marshall was a spinster and her residence was Rathnew. It may not be relevant as if it was the same chap, what happened to Martha? It just struck me that it was the same church and village popping up again.

I would certainly look into the marriage of Martha and Patrick to see if there is mention of a Thomas Darragh as her father. It would also tell you Patrick's father which could rule the above marriage in or out of your research too.

I think you were probably on the right track with all this but just didn't realise it! Let us know how you get on and if anything else turns up,

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