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Missing marriage and mystery daughter

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Missing marriage and mystery daughter

Postby SDV » Thu Jul 13, 2017 10:16 am

I am interested in finding the marriage of Joseph DAY and Emma TAPLIN, which probably took place in Holloway in around 1872.

Joseph DAY was born in Islington in 1848. As far as I know his parents were Henry DAY (labourer) and Elizabeth DAY (née ELLIS). In 1851 he was living aged 3 with his parents in Gordon Place, Islington. In 1861 he was still living aged 13 with his parents in Red Cap Cottages, Islington. In 1871 he was lodging with his elder brother Henry in Ebury Street, Islington - the same street as his future wife.

Emma TAPLIN was born in Datchworth, Hertfordshire in 1849. Her parents were John TAPLIN (railway labourer) and Caroline TAPLIN (née HOLTON). In 1851 she was living aged 1 with her parents at Whatlington near Battle in Sussex. In 1861 she was with her parents aged 11 at Bakewell in Derbyshire. And in 1871 she was still with her parents aged 22 at Ebury Street, Islington, working as a servant.

The date of their marriage - assuming that they did marry - is not known for certain, at least not by me. Their first child appears to be Sarah, born 1872 in Islington. I say appears to be, as I can't find a birth certificate for her and she does not appear in the 1881 census, though her younger siblings Joseph and Caroline, both born in Holloway, do appear. The family is living at Myddleton Road, Hornsey in 1881, with Emma down as Joseph's wife. The first child I can find a birth certificate for is Jospeh DAY, who was born in 1873. His mother's maiden name is given as TAPLIN. The only real evidence I can find for Sarah is the 1891 census, where she is listed aged 19 as a daughter, living with her widowed mother and other siblings at Ashbrook Road, Islington. It looks like Sarah died in 1901.

So three questions:

(1) when and where did Joseph DAY and Emma TAPLIN marry?

(2) where is the birth certificate for Sarah DAY? - assuming that was her birth name.

(3) where was Sarah DAY in 1881?
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Re: Missing marriage and mystery daughter

Postby brunes08 » Thu Jul 13, 2017 7:08 pm

A birth registration for Sarah may not exist. Although registration began from July 1837, it wasn't until 1874 that penalties were introduced for failure to register a child. Even so, some births were still not registered. I have come across a case where four children were registered at the same time in the 1890s. The family lived in a very rural area and either through ignorance or lack of opportunity never got around to registering the children until one started school. Perhaps a baptism record exists for Sarah which would help you.
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