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Joseph Underwood - one or two?

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Joseph Underwood - one or two?

Postby woodchal » Wed May 31, 2017 3:47 pm

I am trying to decide if I am looking at one or two Joseph Underwood's - any opinions?

In 1891 Joseph Underwood is living in Raunds, Northamptonshire, born Northamptonshire, Yardley Hastings Boot Maker. His wife has an indecipherable name, born Northampton. Nb this must be his first wife. Children George 11 (born Northampton), Ellen 16 (born in Hants, Gosport).

In 1901 Joseph is living in Dallington St James, Northamptonshire; born in Northants Yardey Hastings; shoe stitchman. His wife in Lily born in Northants Wellingboro. Nb Lily is second wife married married in 1898 and there are no older children at home.

In 1911 Joseph is a widower living in Hannington and Holcot, Northamptonshire, born in Northants Yardey Hastings, Army Bootmaker.

Now comes the conundrum

In 1881 there is a Joseph Underwood, said to have been born in Yardley Sussex living in Portsea, working as a shoemaker with the wife’s name Fanny. Fanny comes from Draxford? There are three children Caroline 8, Ellen 4 and George 1 all said to have been born in Southsea.

Had Joseph and Fanny gone to the south coast (the Gosport birth place for Ellen might support this!)?
Or are the names and children’s name and occupation all a coincidence?
I can find no Yardley in Sussex - did the 1881 enumerator hear Hastings and just assume Sussex?
Does the 1891 census say Fanny?
Did George and Fanny live in the Portsmouth area around 1880 - 1890?

There is a George William Underwood baptised with parents Joseph Underwoond and Fanny in Northampton in 1879. If they are the same family why was George’s birth location entered wrong in 1881?
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Re: Joseph Underwood - one or two?

Postby trace » Wed May 31, 2017 5:05 pm

The Ellen in 1891 Census has a surname of DENTON..... am I missing something?

Draxford should read Droxford....

Possible marriage ??
Joseph Underwood & Fanny Cottle or Jane Slater 1872 Portsea

birth Fanny Ellen Underwood 1876 Hardingstone Registration District mothers maiden name COTTLE
birth George William Underwood 1879 Northampton Union Reg Dist m.m.n. COTTLE

Joseph Arthur Underwood birth 1902 Northampton m.m.n. CREIGHTON

Joseph Underwood & Lily Creighton 1898 Thrapston Reg Dist

Caroline Cottle was baptised 7 Jun 1872 to Fanny Cottle (born prior to marriage)
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Re: Joseph Underwood - one or two?

Postby woodchal » Wed May 31, 2017 7:06 pm

Thanks for the input

Yes not underwood in image!, but a daughter for sure. I spotted that originally, but when I wrote this post I looked at the transcription which says Underwood. There must be a story there. Not quite sure it says Denton, but its definitely not Underwood. Presumably/possibly a illegitimate daughter of the wife.

Interesting marriage in Portsea and then births in Northampton - must be related to my question. This would make the birth locations in the 1881 census red herrings - but then the enumerator got Joseph's place of birth wrong as well.

Lily Creighton is the second wife an my link to the family.
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