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1939 census

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Re: 1939 census

Postby Guy » Sat Jun 03, 2017 10:00 am

Ashbee wrote:
When I was a boy one could walk into a the Superintendent Registrar's office and pay a small fee to view civil registers of birth, marriage and death. That was stopped in 1975 without any change in the legislation apparently due to life assurance companies not purchasing certificates

Guy, I know I'm being dense but I can't work out why life assurance companies not purchasing certificates would stop general access to civil registers - please put me out of my misery and explain :cry:

The explanation is really in two parts.

First: The Superintendent Registrars were annoyed that they were losing income (same excuse as was used to stop the access to Registers held by the GRO, at Somerset House, in about 1898).

Second: There was also additional concerns about supervision, this at first frustrated much access; in 1973 the GRO stated such searches could only be allowed when the Superintendent Registrar has the time to undertake the necessary supervision and in August 1974 access was stopped altogether.

Ashbee wrote:
Ive been trying to catch a link to my odd location to post here in the hope someone could shed light for me but I'm failing...The person concerned is Winifred Green/Weston, born 1915, living in Islington, London. She's towards the bottom of the list that is described as Tollington Park School sub-station. If anyone can explain what this is or why Winifred would be there (she's clearly not working) I'd be very pleased.

The following is simply a suggestion based on a hunch.

First the Hunch
On the right hand page there are the initials W.A.F.S. during the Second World War this could often mean Women's Auxiliary Fire Service.

I have not looked into the location of Tollington Park School sub-station, but it seems to be associated with the fire service. Possibly a sub-station of Mayton St. or Grafton Road sub-station of the L.C.C. Fire Service.

The previous 5 pages all seem to be associated with the L.C.C. Fire Service.
It is possible the occupations shown are the day-time or main occupations when not volunteering (It is important in wartime to understand what skills people have, even when they are not engaged in those skills, in case the need arises for more people with those skills.)
The right hand page also seems to contain codes but what they signify I have no idea.

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Re: 1939 census

Postby Ashbee » Sat Jun 03, 2017 11:37 am

As always, so informative! Explanations much appreciated. I'm a post-war Londoner but I'm terribly ignorant of how London functioned during either world wars. I didn't noticed the WAFS on the entry and wouldn't have made the connection even if I had. And looking beyond the page to gain context is something I never thought of. So, thank you again. I need to go and do some reading about London during the war I think.
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Re: 1939 census

Postby ianbee » Sat Jun 03, 2017 2:58 pm

ianbee wrote:She was in the Auxiliary Fire Service. That's why she's there. Nearly the whole enumeration district comprises London Fire Brigade and AFS. The school was being used as a sub-station.

ianbee wrote:It says W.A.F.S.
Women's Auxiliary Fire Service

You were already told this yesterday
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Re: 1939 census

Postby Ashbee » Sat Jun 03, 2017 4:39 pm

I know, and my remarks were meant generally. I'm really grateful for every bit of help and information. Thank you to everyone again.
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