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Catherine CONNELLY

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Catherine CONNELLY

Postby SDV » Wed May 10, 2017 10:19 am

Catherine CONNELLY was the first wife of my Great Grandfather, George Thomas DANIELS, who she married on 15 Mar 1868 at St Joseph's (RC) in Holloway. I believe that the marriage was prompted by the birth on 06 Jan 1868 in Islington of the couple's first daughter Rosina CONNELLY.

Two more daughters followed: Alice DANIELS b 01 Sep 1869 and Caroline DANIELS b 18 Nov 1871, both in Islington. Caroline only survived a few weeks, passing on 29 Dec 1871.

According to the 1871 census, Catherine was born c1849 in Bristol, though I haven't been able to find a record of her birth. This is something I would really like to find.

The 1871 census finds the family living at 28 Scholefield Road, literally next door to George's mother and siblings. The family consists of George (24), labourer, Katherine (21), Rosina (3) and Alice (1).

Catherine died shortly after on 13 Jan 1872 at Homerton Fever Hospital. She died of enteric fever, but her death certificate doesn't name any family members, the informant being a member of the hospital staff. I was hoping it would reveal the name of her mother.

I can find no trace of Catherine before the birth of Rosina and her marriage to George. I would really like to know where she (and her family) was in 1851 or 1861.

Her father according to her marriage certificate was James CONNELLY (dcd) - a coachman. I have found a death certificate for a Jame CONNOLLY (domestic coachman), who died on 04 Nov 1866 at 4 Red Cap Cottages, Islington. I have no idea if this is her father, other than 4 Red Cap Cottages is an address I associate with George's family. For what it is worth, the informant is A WALTERS of 19 Whittingham Place, Holloway. I have no idea who A Walters is or where he fits in the picture.

There is a Connelly family living in Scholefield Road in the 1871 census, consisting of Head CONNELLY (60), labourer in iron wks, b Ireland, Bridget (45), wife, b Islington, Eliza (7), daughter b Highgate and Francis (3), son b Holloway. Once again I don't know if this family has any relationship to Catherine. I did try to find the births of the children. There was an Eliza Connelly born Q2 1865 in Westminster (MMN SHEPHERD) and a male Connelly b Q1 1869 also in Westminster (MMN Shepherd).

Whilst I have been reasonably successful in tracing my Great Grandfather's family after 1871, the history of his first wife remains a bit of a mystery and I would welcome any help in filling-in the details.
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Re: Catherine CONNELLY

Postby sdup26 » Wed May 10, 2017 6:06 pm

Is this a possible candidate?
Thomas St, St Mary Redcliff, Bristol, 1861
Honorah Connolly, widow b Cork 1813, fruit seller. Simon, son b1839 Cork, labourer chemical works. Humphrey, son b1842 Cork, lab in chemical works. Catherine, dau b 1844 Cork, sells fruit. Mary, dau b1849 Bath, Somerset.
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Re: Catherine CONNELLY

Postby SDV » Thu May 11, 2017 11:33 am

I think the Catherine you have found is too young.

At the moment I am focussing on a family of travellers living in a lodging house in Cheltenham in 1861. Consisting of James (40), b Ireland, Mary Ann (32), b Spain, Thomas (12), b Rochester, Kent, Catherine (10), b Bristol, James (8), b York, Samuel (6), b Leeds and Hannah (2), b Cambridge.

By finding the births of some children on the GRO, it would appear that James' wife was Mary Ann BOYD.

If I have the correct death for James CONNELLY in 1866, then Mary Ann goes on to marry John KING, though I can't find the marriage.

The family are living in Islington in 1871: John King (28), b Wilts, Mary Ann King (39), b Gibraltar, Thomas Connolly (22), b Kent, Mary Ann Connolly (6), b Kent, Jane Connolly (6), b Islington and George King (9m), b Islington.

It seems to make sense, but I need to track down some BMDs, as well as some subsequents census returns.
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