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finding siblings

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Re: finding siblings

Postby SarahU » Sat Mar 30, 2019 4:27 pm

Thanks to Scottish naming customs, l have been quite successful in finding births of siblings in the Scotland’s People records using only the indexes i.e. not using credits or paying for actual certificates. Simply enter the last name of mother or father (l did both actually) and best guestimate of dates, easy if you have a starting point such as marriage or census and sure of the county e.g Perthshire. Only enter the town or city if you are absolutely sure. Do same with deaths, also entering mother’s maiden name which is often in Scottish records. Yes, it is time-comsuming but gets results if you persist. I then plug these details into FMP and quite often get more details. Note that FMP has limited recent Scottish records, voter enumeration being an exception. Good luck!
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