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Perry family, Chelsea, Middlesex

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Perry family, Chelsea, Middlesex

Postby LizzieBvB » Wed May 03, 2017 1:33 pm

Hi all,

I am trying for some time now to locate a birth record for a John Perry who lived at 7 danvers street, Chelsea, Middlesex. He died in 1815 and was buried 20-aug-1815 in Chelsea. His burial record states his age at death was 54 years which would put his birth around 1761. A will exists for him dated 1815 but from what I have managed to transcribe from it, there are no clues as to his origins.

Most probably he married a Mary Young in St Lukes, Chelsea, 1786.
Company directories list him as a carpenter and undertaker.

Thanks to non-conformist records, I know his son was also John Perry (1788 - 1875) married to Ann Fielder who took over the residence of 7 danvers street from his father.

I cannot find a suitable birth / baptism record for John Perry senior which would allow me to trace the family back further. I have tried looking at trade records for carpentry apprenticeship details which sometimes list a father, but could not find a suitably convincing entry.

Any help or suggestions would be welcome.
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Re: Perry family, Chelsea, Middlesex

Postby ciderdrinker » Thu May 04, 2017 11:59 am

Let me start by welcoming you to the forum and saying up front I've not got a definite birth for him either.
I do have a mention of him being held up by a highway man 21.2.1810 on the Old Bailey website.
Children Ann 1787,Sarah 1790,William 1792,Maria 1795 ,Charles 1800 and George 1807.

The mention of George and Maria amongst his children may lead to a George Perry and his wife Sussanna also present in Chelsea.George buried there 5.1.1823 born 1771 of Leader St died of asthma.
George looks to be the son of George and Maria Perry bapt 23.1.1771 at St John Evangelist Westminster as George Lockyer Perry born 27.12.1770 but no mention of a occupation for dad.
George senior leaves a PCC Will 1787 with everything going to Maria.Voting records 1774-1780 say he is a gentleman in Tufton St Westminster.The couple married at St Margarets 1766 and Maria Lockyer was a widow and George a bach from St Katherines.

There are carpenters in London -I've discounted the John from Tottenham as his son John wasn't born until the 1770's.
Others-(from Voting lists)
John Perry joiner Orchard St St Margaret and St John the Evangelist 1749
Thomas Perry carpenter 1749 the Strand
John Perry carpenter Dacre St 1774 St Margaret and St John the Evangelist.

It's possible that the last is the John Perry and Sussanna at St James Westminster baptising their son John 4 Dec 1759 born 19.11.1759 but I have no proof of that.

I know that's not really a great help but it's all I can see.

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Re: Perry family, Chelsea, Middlesex

Postby LizzieBvB » Fri May 05, 2017 9:13 am


thanks very much for your reply.

I re-checked on findmypast and the entry for 1759 St James Middlesex is indeed son of a John and Susanna. But I also turned up two other entries

1) born 1761, St Johnsons change, St Mary, Whitechapel John son of Robert and Mary
2) 1760, Shadwell market, st pauls, son of William and Mary.

Furthermore I found a 3rd possible under Quaker records both 1754, Ratcliff, London, Westminster John son of Stephen and Elizabeth. Stephen is listed as occupation carpenter. However there is quite a difference between 1754 and 1761 so presumably this is unlikely even though the occupation of the father is the same? further coincidence in that this is a non-conformist set of records and his son John Perry was a non-conformist and all his children are to be found in non-conformist records sets.

I'm just not sure how to know which birth entry is the correct John Perry? or in fact if any are correct?

I found a second marriage entry for John Perry junior which lists his father's occupation as a builder. However I guess carpenter could also be a builder?

I too found the highwayman entry of 1810, however I'm not sure this relates to John Perry senior as it lists an address in Holborn but I know John Perry senior was already living at Danvers street, Chelsea from the 1790s. I wondered if it could possibly be his son John Perry junior before he takes over the family house? also as the description states it is a young man that was assaulted.

I also found mention of John Perry as a member of the vestry for St lukes, Chelsea. I think this must be John Perry senior as the dates would be too early to be his son.

Very frustrating that there are so many John Perrys living in this area in the same time period!

any further help is much appreciated
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