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The will of Samuel Bane (1742- 1825) help in translation

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The will of Samuel Bane (1742- 1825) help in translation

Postby puzzledtoday » Tue May 02, 2017 8:35 pm

I found Samuel's will on Ancestry. Both the language and writing are archaic. I have had a go at translating it but a few words elude me. I wonder if someone with more knowledge could help please?
I apologise -the second half of the will has come up on top of the first.
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Re: The will of Samuel Bane (1742- 1825) help in translation

Postby scammellhm » Mon May 29, 2017 8:06 pm

Dear puzzledtoday
Before anyone can start anything we need a few details
1. The full name of the full name of the person peace making the will date of birth date of death etc.
2. Copy the will on all sides keep one aside in a folder as the clean copy.
3. Have a clean sheet of paper ready to write on

Using a clean sheet of paper with lines on write the number one which corresponds with line one of the will. Li

Line. 1. Mark the first line as one this usually contains some form of religious statement in the name of God amen or something of that kind usually followed by I then the full name and surname of the testator on your clean sheet of lined paper write down then full name. Trustees and executors may be named and details of wishes for disposition of body especially if place is named.
2. This line might include his occupation and his residence Town County country put this as line to on your lined sheet of paper
3. Line three on your sheet of paper is usually blank
4. About here will start who gets what the word item with a pier before each request but that is not necessarily so it may be just a long paragraph which you will need to look at carefully. It will give it may give the names of wife children nephews Sons daughters Sons in law sometimes the occupation and where they live it will then follow with their particular inheritance it may be money all should be listed with a separate line or lines for each person mentioned from this you can also draw up a mini family tree
5. There may be other beneficiaries following
6. At the end of the body of the will the testator signs his name and it dates it fully easy words for the month and I for figures number for the year
7. The names of witnesses will appear at a position below the signature.
That is the end of the will.

What follows are the legal requirements dealing with the will it will be probate on the wheel or letters of administration

Date of death

Date of probate this is when the will Also the letters of administration has been proved and where it was proved after 1858 allr Wills were proved by the state before 1858 buy different courts.

The will is filed usually folded up in three and written on with the date of Proof and the name.

I've tried to make this simple sometimes it takes time to get used to the writing look at the names if you recognise them look with the letters within let name look for the standard statements at the beginning in the name of God amen look at all those letters you've got a couple of love capitals of perfect memory or remembrance the word item starts with a capital I capital J looks like a lie-in or in or is short for job it just taken me three months of hard slog checking with magnifying glass individual letters and see if I can sort them in some way I'm now on the second page and it's starting to read like a book and it was written in 1807 the testator died 1817 and will was probated in 1820 he was my 3 great 4th great grandfather whose daughter married in to my line.

Good luck persevere

Regards Helen
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Re: The will of Samuel Bane (1742- 1825) help in translation

Postby puzzledtoday » Thu Jun 08, 2017 7:35 pm

Thank you Helen and good luck with your document too. I have had some help from others and think I have the substance of the will now, though there are a few odd phrases. Wills do, often, give a glimpse of the personality behind them, in a way other records don't, so I have enjoyed working on it. Good wishes to you.
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