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Absent Voters List for 1931

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Absent Voters List for 1931

Postby AdrianB38 » Fri Apr 28, 2017 10:31 pm

Readers may remember that I am continually recommending Absent Voters Lists for WW1 research - these are, in current terms, lists of people with postal votes, and are hugely important for WW1 research (where they survive) because they (usually) contain details of someone's unit and number - possibly the only such record of them. AVLs for WW1 can be found on FindMyPast in "Britain, Absent Voters Lists 1918-1921" and "Britain, Absent Voters Lists 1918-1921 Browse".

Well, I've just found an Absent Voters List for 1931 with the same sort of data and the same sort of advantages. Bear in mind that service records for post-1920(ish) military service remain with the Ministry of Defence so those of us with only a limited interest in someone's military career can be priced out of that market by cash, time and data confidentiality rules.

I just happened to be researching a distant cousin who ended up as a Prisoner of War in WW2 (a rather chilling discovery) and it turns out he was a Regular - there in the 1931 AVL is his number and his unit.

Finding this was purely accidental - it's in the FindMyPast collection of "England & Wales, Electoral Registers 1832-1932", which I was searching by his surname (as it's a very rare name), and the AVL (in this case) is at the end of the conventional Electoral Register - it's not a separate thing in FMP. I can browse the AVL pages by going to FMP's collection for "England & Wales, Electoral Registers 1832-1932 Image Browse", choosing the year and constituency, going to the very last image and then paging back into the document.

I have no idea how many of them there are for my constituency of interest, over what time period, but you may find it worth a look. It doesn't just apply to the military - I've seen railway engine drivers in there and stewards on the White Star Line.
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