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Martin/Tate, Northumberland

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Martin/Tate, Northumberland

Postby PaulH01 » Sat Apr 15, 2017 10:04 am

After a long search I have found that one of my Northumberland ancestors is Agnes Martin, born 1835 in Lowick, Northumberland, but the family moved to Durham in the early 1840s (he was a miner).

Her parents are William Martin/Elizabeth Tate, both committed Chartists, judging by the names of some of their children, which is interesting in itself. No marriage record that I can find.

I'm trying to trace back both of them further, I have a few possibilities and wondered if anyone here can help prove/disprove them, or has any other suggestions....

William Martin: born Bamburgh in 1812, according to 1851 Census. If I take the birth date literally then the only possibility is born in Ford to Mary Martin. Further investigation shows that she might be the one born Fenwick in 1784 and was married to Thomas Martin, blacksmith at Ford Forge in the 1841 and 1851 Census. No marriage record that I could find, but two other children baptised in Ford around the same time, which is how I found Thomas. No info any further back.

Elizabeth Tate (may, of course, be Tait) born Belford in 1808, according to 1851 Census. Again, If I take the birth date literally, the only possibility is born in Ingram, to Ralph Tate and Grace Knox, who lived in Roddam/Reaveley and later moved to Durham. Too many Ralph Tates born around 1777 to be sure of his background, but Grace (born about 1785) is the daughter of John Knox of Kelso. He could be the one born 1760 in Edinburgh, parents John Knox/Elizabeth Riddle, which might indicate a possible connection with John Knox the Reformer.

As ever, any ideas on the above would be appreciated. Thanks!
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Re: Martin/Tate, Northumberland

Postby ksouthall » Sat Apr 15, 2017 10:41 am

If they were Chartist, so interested in bringing about reform for the working classes, they may also have been nonconformist as it sounds like they were willing to challenge the established order of society.

If this were the case, not all nonconformist records are available online. In fact, not all parish records are available online so it may be worth checking with the local record office.
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Re: Martin/Tate, Northumberland

Postby PaulH01 » Sat Apr 15, 2017 11:07 am

Thanks for that - from census records and the like I've got birth years/places for Agnes and her siblings - surprisingly one or two are on FreeReg too. This may account for the lack of marriage record though. But I'll look out particularly for any nonconformist records, in that case!

I think Chartism only came in around the 1830s, so there still should be records for William Martin and Elizabeth Tate before that, and maybe their families. Problem is at the moment there are too many, there a few Martin and Tates/Taits in the area.
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Re: Martin/Tate, Northumberland

Postby ciderdrinker » Sat Apr 15, 2017 11:42 am

Have you considered a possible late marrige?
There's a marriage Mar 1838 William Martin at Newcastle St John ref 25 page 288
to either Mary Ann Hewson, Isabella Spence, Mary Ann Simm, Elizabeth Tate

If your in the local area a quick look wouldn't hurt.
Also those dates and birthplaces for William and Elizabeth.
the 1861 has William born 1808 Alnwick
The 1871 1819 Alnwick and 1815 Beadnell.

There is a baptism at the Scotch church North Sutherland Bamburgh
Elizabeth Tait d of Thomas and Jane of Beadnell born 13.6.1810 bapt 11.7.1810.
The couple married at Bambrough but he was from Belford.
27 May 1804 Thomas Tait and Jane Hoggarth.

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Re: Martin/Tate, Northumberland

Postby PaulH01 » Sat Apr 15, 2017 6:08 pm

Thanks - no, I hadn't considered that marriage. They had a child in Chester-le-Street that year, having had one (Agnes) in Lowick 2-3 years previously, so it's certainly possible.

There is another William Martin/Elizabeth (Sanderson this time) combination around the same time that was causing me some confusion initially - they seem to have stayed in Northumberland, so maybe they are the ones you refer to in the 1861 and 1871 Census. My lot were definitely in Durham in 1851, and I don't think either William or Elizabeth (Tate) survived past 1861.
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