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Looking for a death record for Sylvia Cousins

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Looking for a death record for Sylvia Cousins

Postby debbie65 » Wed Apr 05, 2017 9:51 am

Hi everyone.

I've been working on my husband's family tree for a few years now, which has been interesting and fun, but finding a death record for his great aunt Sylvia Cousins has beaten me!

This is what I know:

She was born Sylvia Cousins 23rd May 1902 to Robert Arthur Cousins (a cabinet maker) and Caroline nee Potter in Bethnal Green, London.

She is on the 1911 census living with her parents and 7 siblings at 10 Chameleon Road, Tottenham.

She is a witness - on the wedding certificate - to her sister Caroline's second marriage in 1922.

She appears on the Electoral Roll returns a number of times (as Sylvia Cousins) up to 1939 and on the 1939 Register, living in Old Bethnal Green Road.

There is a photo of her attending the wedding of her niece in 1952 in Dagenham.

The problem for me is that something happened sometime in the 1960s and my husband's family became estranged. He doesn't know any details and now there is no-one left to ask about it. As far as my husband can remember Sylvia never married, and I have been unable to find a marriage record for her.

I've tried various search methods over the years, but I can't find a death record for her. I've concentrated on the London and Essex areas as that's where I've found records for other family members, but I've also looked further afield. If anyone has any ideas at all I'd be grateful to hear any of them as I'm well and truly stuck!

Many thanks for reading this.
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Re: Looking for a death record for Sylvia Cousins

Postby sdup26 » Thu Apr 06, 2017 1:13 pm

Could this be your Sylvia in the London Electoral Registers 1832-1965? Do the other names mean anything to you?
50 Haig Road, Hillingdon, Middlesex, 1956
Cyril R Cousins
Nellie M Cousins
Sylvia Cousins
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Re: Looking for a death record for Sylvia Cousins

Postby phsvm » Fri Apr 07, 2017 9:16 pm

It looks as it Cyril and Nellie Cousins are a couple who married in 1923 in Uxbridge although the marriage is actually registered as Reginald C Cousins and Nellie M Isles.

They appear to have had a son, John E born in 1925. There's a marriage for John E Cousins to Beatrice Hones in 1944. They had twins, Sheila and William born in 1955.

I can't find any connection to a Sylvia Cousins but do any of these other names ring any bells? If so then this may be your Great Aunt Sylvia.

I'm afraid it doesn't find her but if these names are familiar and you can tie them into the family it might be worth you trying to track down Sheila or William to see if they can help you.
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Re: Looking for a death record for Sylvia Cousins

Postby debbie65 » Mon Apr 10, 2017 10:21 am

Thank you both, for looking into this for me.

The other names mentioned don't ring any bells, but I'll check out the info anyway. One thing family tree research has taught me is not to dismiss anything out of hand!

Thanks again,
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Re: Looking for a death record for Sylvia Cousins

Postby ianbee » Mon Apr 10, 2017 10:59 am

Perhaps Cyril and Sylvia were a married couple on those electoral registers. Nellie being Cyril's mother. Nellie said she was widowed in 1939 (50 Haig Road)
The only possible death I can see for Mr Cousins is in 1935, in the Quetta earthquake. Corporal Reginald Charles Cousins, of the RAF, apparently he was from Middlesex.
Don't know how likely that is to be him. Nellie first appears on the electoral registers at 50 Haig Road - without Reginald - in 1935.

Meanwhile, Sylvia in Bethnal Green was at 12 Old Bethnal Green Road, which was the family home, up to 1937 (electoral registers again)
1938, 1939 she was at 15 Old Bethnal Green Road. 1939 Register says she was a Handbag Framer. Her surname has been left unchanged. Birth date given, 23.5.02, is the same as shown on her baptism.
Only one matching Sylvia with that d-o-b in the England + Wales death indexes from 1969, and that one is not her.
The GRO birth index for June qtr 1902 - both versions - has her as Silvia
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Re: Looking for a death record for Sylvia Cousins

Postby debbie65 » Tue Apr 18, 2017 11:19 am

I've had the opportunity to look into the tips about Nellie and Cyril Cousins. Unfortunately, they are not related to the Cousins family I'm interested in.

Sylvia's birth was indeed registered with the spelling 'Silvia', however I believe that was probably a mistake made by the registrar. I can find no evidence in any of the information I have that she ever used that spelling of her name.

She lived at 12 Old Bethnal Green Road until 1937/38 and then moved to 15 Old Bethnal Green Road. After 1939 I have no evidence as to where she was living. I suspect she may have moved to the Dagenham/Ilford/Barking area as that is where some of her siblings lived - but I have no information confirming this idea. I would have expected to find a death record listed in either East London or Essex, but so far can't find one - it's a mystery!

Thanks to everyone who looked at this for me, I'm very grateful.
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