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Tracing Beyond the Workhouse

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Re: Tracing Beyond the Workhouse

Postby markashleypat » Sun Mar 26, 2017 12:51 am

Well thanks ever so much for the fresh eyes on this frustrating bit of family research. I haven't looked at this research for quite some time, but have been prompted to lately, as my dad is quite ill at the minute and I suppose if I can share what I can find out with him while I can, it will mean a great deal to me if I can inch his family back just that little bit more.

Thankfully a family bible started by William Pattison - great x2, we have well documented dates since then. It's the mystery surrounding the Durham Union workhouse that's standing in the way and sadly Durham County Council doesn't seem to have many workhouse records to shed light on Joseph Pattison/Patterson and Mary Nicholson.

I've recently been trying to track death records for a Joseph Pattison/erson, hoping that a person present might provide a clue, but then wondering if he died impoverished, whether that would have even been recorded.

All the above advice is really interesting, because as much I can see the Nicholson/Patterson clues in the records I've come across, I lack knowledge in the context of society at that time, which may have caused people to drop off the radar.
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