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Could this be the same person ?

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Could this be the same person ?

Postby jsb » Sat May 17, 2008 7:53 pm

My Great Grandmother was always known as Kate or lizzie or ginnie. The facts I know are that I have her marriage certificate in 1891 She was Catherine Elizabeth Griffiths age 21 and married Thomas Edward Leach in Sheffield . In the 1901 census she appears as Kate in Birmingham with Thomas age 30 and being born Broseley Wood Shropshire. In the 1891 census she was at the Bull Inn age 21 being born Somers Green Shropshire which is the same area. Her brother kept a little book and written in this book in 1935 when she died was Kate's name with her birthday being 26th June and that she would be 64 On her marriage certificate it names her father as Richard Griffiths. She Doesn't appear before this but I have found a Richard and Eliza in Astley Abbots in 1871 and Broseley wood 1881 which is the same area. They have several children whose names match some of Kate's brothers and sisters but they have a Jane who was born 26th June 1871 who then disappears! I have been told that when Kate went into service the one House keeper called all her maids Kate so she didn't get confused. So could this be the same person or not and is there any way I could find any info out during the 1871 and 1881 census records to see if it is the same person she had just changed her name !!!! The Shropshire Records have had no luck in finding Catherine either !! Help !!!!
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RE: Could this be the same person ?

Postby mrsaverage40s » Sun Aug 17, 2008 7:26 am

Have you the birth certificate for Jane Griffiths registered in the Sep quarter of 1871 in Bridgnorth ? Is that how you know she was born on the 26th Jun 1871 to Richard & Eliza? What was Richard's occupation? What was Eliza's maiden name ? (a Kate Griffiths born c1871 Shropshire is with grandparents surnamed EVANS in 1881).
Enumerators often wrote down names incorrectly or families called children by their pet names (as many have mentioned previously!), so this Jane maybe the same person.
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