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Family abandonment and re-marriage

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Re: Family abandonment and re-marriage

Postby phsvm » Thu Mar 09, 2017 5:22 pm

Two things that strike me straight away (although I haven't thought beyond that so don't have any suggestions as to how relevant they may be I'm afraid) are

1. Sarah quite blatantly told a lie at the time of her second marriage by saying she was a spinster - at the very least she should have stated 'widow', especially if she had children in tow (which it appears she did if the police report is to be believed) which listed her either as a 'fallen women' (children out of wedlock) or a widow.

2. Who initiated the complaint resulting in the police issuing a 'Wanted' report? It must have come from someone who knew about his wife and family? I don't think someone would to that lightly.
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Re: Family abandonment and re-marriage

Postby Simon A » Sun Mar 12, 2017 10:37 am

Yes, I was wondering who reported the abandonment, I presumed it was Sarah.

I made a timeline for Ben and some of the events don’t appear to tie in.

05/10/1891 Thomas Havard is born (Sarah)
16/03/1894 Ernest Havard is born (Sarah)
09/08/1898 Arthur Havard is born (Sarah, although on his baptism it says father is John, Ben’s brother)
30/06/1899 Ada is born (Ada in St Pancras)
23/09/1899 Deserted Sarah
08/06/1900 Arthur is baptised – Father John?
02/10/1900 Sarah marries John

So, Ada appears to be born in St Pancras before the abandonment was reported. I got her birthday from the 1939 register having married a Charles Burgess. This may not be the same person as I did not find her birth index. Either Ida’s birthdate is incorrect or the abandonment date is wrong or this isn’t the right Benjamin or something else?


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