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Florence B George(Herbert)/Gormley

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Re: Florence B George(Herbert)/Gormley

Postby ianbee » Sat Feb 18, 2017 11:08 am

Terribly sad story in the Bath newspaper about the death of Henry and Ann's little daughter.
Would not Florence's other two children have been with her in 1939? (with Richard being in the hospital)
Strange that she cannot be found.
The only theory I have at the moment is that Florence might have been born with the surname Herbert, but was adopted by the George family. Absolutely no evidence to back this up!
With the only Herbert candidate around called Florence Beatrice being born in Wales (in 1911), and apparently eliminated, I can only scrape around and come up with
Dec 1911 Marylebone 1a 830
Herbert, Beatrice Hetty
mother Herbert
(and has the dreaded dash for mother's surname in the new GRO birth index)
On the missing list, and the thought that maybe the first name Florence was a new one given to her later.
Don't take this Beatrice Hetty suggestion too seriously! Further investigation of that George family may be a better way forward.
Have you any idea of a possible address for Florence circa September 1939?
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Re: Florence B George(Herbert)/Gormley

Postby kgormley » Thu Mar 02, 2017 10:35 am

Florence was living at 16 featherstone road with her aunt in 1943.
My grampy (francis) often talked about patsy he was devastated when she died, she is buried with harry and Nellie ( henry and Ann).
I have the newspaper stories, I also have one describing how harry and Francis were rescued from the river by a one armed man.
Hardly any of the family used their given names, henry was harry, Ann was Nellie, Francis was Joe, Patrica was patsy.
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Re: Florence B George(Herbert)/Gormley

Postby kgormley » Thu Mar 02, 2017 11:26 am

George seems to be a common name in the area, without Florence's birth certificate I've hit a dead end,
Francis went to live with Henrys family in mohill ireland, then joined henry and Ann, Mary went to a convent in ireland but didn't rejoin the family until she left school. Francis didn't remember his mum and had no contact, his sister sheila, the youngest and only surviving didn't know her dad had been married before, or that Ann was not his real mum. Ann treated him as one of her own and as far as he was concerned she was his mum even though he was aware she wasn't.
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