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Parents of Fanny Squire, c.1798-1888

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Parents of Fanny Squire, c.1798-1888

Postby JaneyH » Sun Feb 12, 2017 12:47 pm

I'm trying to piece together (and properly source) a branch of my family tree which I've inherited from another family member, and it's proving quite challenging!

Here's what I've got so far. Frances (Fanny) Squire married William Denniss in 1820 in St. Neots, Huntingdonshire. Together they had three children, John, Charles and George. (It was John and his family who travelled to India - the subject of a separate post here recently.) In the Censuses for 1851, 1861, 1871 and 1881 the age she gives is consistent with a birth year of c.1798. The new GRO death index shows her age at death in 1888 as being 90, which again ties in with being born c.1798.

The tree I've been given shows has parents as James Squire and Mary Burder. James and Mary have children John (1763), James (1764), Elizabeth (1766), William (1768), Mary (1769), Susanna & Henrietta (1771), James (again, 1775), then Frances (1798) and George (1816). I have found a marriage transcription on FMP for a James Squire and Mary Burder in 1761 in St. Neots. The first eight of these children could reasonably be the product of this marriage, given the year of marriage and intervals between births. However there is a 23 year gap between this group and Frances in 1798, which makes it seem very unlikely that these are, in fact, her parents. I suspect that this family group has actually conflated two generations into one - somehow.

One last clue I have is that on the 1861 Census Fanny gives her place of birth as what I think says "Bedfordshire, Biggleswade". (Ancestry has transcribed this as "Birglemond"!) Although in a different county, Biggleswade is only about 12 miles from St. Neots. I've found a baptism in Biggleswade in 1798 for a Frances Squires (note the 's' on the end) with parents William and Mary (not James and Mary as I was originally given).

Any help or pointers would be much appreciated on this one. There are very few records available online beyond the LDS ones (familysearch or the equivalent on Ancestry). There are transcriptions of Huntingdonshire marriages on FMP but no baptisms; Bedfordshire is similarly sparsely provided-for online.
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Re: Parents of Fanny Squire, c.1798-1888

Postby Sylcec » Sun Feb 12, 2017 11:44 pm

I certainly agree with you that the 1861 census shows Fanny's birth place as Biggleswade in Bedfordshire.
However I can't find much for any Squire(s) living in Biggleswade - there is a William (b. abt 1811) and his wife Maria and 2 small children there in 1841, but can find no baptisms or marriages yet.
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Re: Parents of Fanny Squire, c.1798-1888

Postby MayHam » Fri Feb 17, 2017 2:16 am

Have you already seen this?
County: Bedfordshire
Place: Arlesey
Church name: St Peter
Register type: Transcript
Baptism date: 29 Oct 1775
Person forename: Wm
Person sex: M
Father forename: Jn
Father surname: SQUIRE
Mother forename: Sar
Mother surname: DIMAX
Register note: reputed son Jn SQUIRE ... 1e7af2c043

Second marriage, perhaps?
County: Huntingdonshire
Place: Ramsey
Church name: St Thomas A'beckett of Canterbury
Register type: Phillimore's Transcripts
Marriage date: 11 Oct 1819
Groom forename: William
Groom surname: SQUIRE
Groom condition: widr
Bride forename: Sarah
Bride surname: SHELTON ... 1e7af2c041
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Re: Parents of Fanny Squire, c.1798-1888

Postby JaneyH » Mon May 01, 2017 12:26 pm

I recently visited Huntingdonshire Archives in a bid to unravel this one. My first port of call was the marriage register for Fanny Squire and William Denniss for 1820. Sadly there are no parents names recorded in any marriage registers for this period. As time was quite limited I simply transcribed all the marriages and baptisms for St Neots parish church that included a Squire/Squires, to get as much source material as possible.

I'm now in the process of trying to piece this all together. Looking at baptisms on familysearch, there are none for a Fanny/Frances Squire in Huntingdonshire in the timeframe of 1780-1805. The 1798 one for Biggleswade seems the prime contender because of the link to the 1861 Census place of birth. There's a Quaker one for a Frances Octavia Squire in 1796 in Bedford which I've noted, but seems less likely.

At the Archives I transcribed a marriage for St Neots parish on 29 December 1795:
- William Squire / batchelor / of Little Paxton / signs register
- Mary Smith / widow / otp / marks register
The witnesses were Dixie Claridge (who witnessed many marriages), Thomas Palmer and Willis Atkins. So this could tie in nicely to the parents in the Biggleswade baptism.

There are a few Ancestry trees with many details in common (they include a portrait of James Squire 1740-1825). However there are few sources mentioned, beyond something called the "Millennium File". I've looked this up and it seems to be a database of details taken from online trees; this strikes me as a bit of a circular reference to be honest. There are two trees which have a William Squire marrying on 24 December 1795 at St Neots - one to a Sarah Palmer and one to a Mary Palmer. Given that the bride was a widow in the record I saw, and one of the witnesses was a Thomas Palmer, this would seem to tie up. One of the online trees even has this couple having a daughter Fanny, although there are no sources. And - more tantalising still - the father of William Squire is the original James Squire 1740-1825. This would fit with my original hunch that James was the grandfather of Fanny not the father.

So ... things fit but are they right? One thing that concerns me is how comprehensive the familysearch records are - the 1795 marriage of William & Mary in St Neots doesn't appear to be on their database, nor others I transcribed for St Neots. Is St Neots completely missing from familysearch? There are plenty of records for elsewhere in former Huntingdonshire. Looks like I may need another visit to Hunts Archives!
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Re: Parents of Fanny Squire, c.1798-1888

Postby ermin79 » Mon May 01, 2017 1:34 pm

I *think* St Neots records come under Cambridgeshire not Hunts. There are three places in close vicinity (they are now more or less joined from what i've seen) St Neots, Eaton Ford and Eynesbury which are Cambs. Neighbouring Eaton Socon is on the Beds / Cambs border with records in either county although at the time in question it was Bedfordshire. Beds archives service is v good, all pre 1813 parish registers were transcribed many years ago and the volumes are all at the records office. Beds Family History society also do a very handy surnames CD for 10 pounds i think - you can purchase it online through their website. It has an index of the surnames in the parish regs (some post 1813) and where the actual entry can be found which would then narrow down your search.

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Re: Parents of Fanny Squire, c.1798-1888

Postby JaneyH » Mon May 01, 2017 2:12 pm

Thanks for the reference to Bedfordshire FHS; I may need a CD of Biggleswade transcriptions.

St Neots is in Cambridgeshire now but historically was part of Huntingdonshire - it was records for St Neots marriages and baptisms that I was looking at in Huntingdon archives. It's just a bit odd that they don't appear to be on familysearch. I guess there could have been a particular objection to LDS being given access to the records of a particular parish; I've heard of this a couple of times in the past.
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