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Alfred Henry Simpson

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Re: Alfred Henry Simpson

Postby laura simpson » Sun Feb 19, 2017 11:44 pm

Thanks for your thoughts. I will certainly look and see if there is anything I can find out about this mysterious Mary Simpson. I did wonder if she was actually Alfred's Mother and maybe was perhaps an Aunt - all if, buts and maybe.

I have also found several records relating to his Army 'career' in the hope that it might give a next-of-kin, but all I can see is that he gave his birth place as St Asaph and birth year as 1844. But looking through the certificates (marriage and death) that I do have, on his death certificate, it gives his age as 60 and the year of his death as 1900. Well, that would give him a possible birth year of 1840 and not 1844.

I am going to have another trawl through the Welsh records that I have access to and put in the birth year as 1840 and see if anything comes up. On his marriage certificate, he put his Father, as George Simpson deceased, so I think I will just use this and leave the Mother's name blank. Worth a try.

laura simpson
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Re: Alfred Henry Simpson

Postby ianbee » Mon Feb 20, 2017 5:13 pm

I think the couple they were with in 1851 may have married a bit late
England, Bristol Parish Registers
Name: Charles Adams
Marital Status: Single
Father's Name: Elijah Adams
Spouse's Name: Louisa Perry
Spouse's Marital Status: Single
Spouse's Residence Place: Bedminster, St John, Somerset
Spouse's Father's Name: James Perry
Event Type: Marriage
Event Date: 15 January 1849
Event Place: Bedminster, St John, Somerset

If your man was around in London in the early 1870s, there is an Alfred Simpson, 28, Labourer, admitted to St Pancras Workhouse, 17 November 1871. Admitted from the casual ward, discharged 2 January 1872.
Though he was admitted from the casual ward, he was in the workhouse for nearly two months, so I hoped there might be some kind of examination, and the rough exams for the period are on ancestry with an index in the book, but no sign of him (whoever he was)

Someone on ancestry said muster rolls had been looked at re Alfred's army career. Apparently he deserted at some point. They don't tell us whether they know when he actually joined and left the army though
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Re: Alfred Henry Simpson

Postby laura simpson » Wed Feb 22, 2017 12:17 am

Thanks again Ian for your efforts.

I have sat and looked again at the certificates that I have for Alfred, especially his marriage certificate. The date is 1883. Alfred and Caroline had two children before that date (including my direct ancestor). Charles was born in 1978 in Fulham and Henry in 1881 in Leicester Workhouse so they definately moved around a bit.

In 1883, they got married in Islington and Alfred gave his age as 33 - that would give him a birth year of around 1850. His father given as George Simpson, deceased. Even his age given on his death certificate is not really much help because his age is given as 60, making a possible birth year of 1840. I have a copy of the burial record for him in the burial ground at Finchley and his age is shown as 50, which gives another possible birth year of 1850.

Looking again at the 1951 Census record which always seem to come up as a possible for Alfred and which any relative I have contacted seems to believe that it is him. But although there is a Alfred Simpson visiting 7 Tucker Street, St Pauls, Bristol along with a Mary Simpson, there is no indication that Mary is his Mother. I cannot see on the image any indication of the relationship between the two, so she may not be his mother.

My eldest brother (who has finally caught the bug) lives quite close to St Asaph and is going to pay a visit to search the Parish Records. He may find something that, for whatever, reason, is not available online.

laura simpson
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Re: Alfred Henry Simpson

Postby laura simpson » Mon Feb 27, 2017 9:11 pm

I think that with this ancestor I am going to have to try and trace a living distant cousin from one of Alfred's children (my great uncles). I have made contact with a few but they do not have information regarding the birth of Alfred - they are as much in the dark as I am!

But thank you to all those who took the time and trouble to help out - your efforts are appreciated. I shall continue to scratch my head.

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