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Mark Grant b1846

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Mark Grant b1846

Postby sdup26 » Sun Jan 29, 2017 6:01 pm

My Cheshire Grants were already complicated, then someone turned up to make things worse. Years later, I still don't know where he fits in, and I hope forum members can help.
Agnes Grant was born in Manchester in 1856, then her parents moved to Altrincham, Cheshire. Her birth certificate shows father Hugh Grant, clothes dealer, and mother Sarah Grant, formerly Dupree. I haven't found a marriage for them. Altrincham censuses show Hugh born in Ireland c1821 (1861 census) or 1814 (1871), and Sarah in Bucks 1831 or 1826; she died in 1878, aged 53 (1825).
Agnes' Manchester RC baptism record says father was Hugh Grant, mother 'Alice Grant, nee Dewbury.' On the 1861 Altrincham census, Sarah's place of birth is 'Wasdon' Bucks. Bucks FHS says this is probably Waddesdon, where an Alice Dewbury was b1825, orphaned young, was a female servant in 1841, then seems to disappear. It was suggested I should keep an open mind on Alice and Sarah being the same person, until proof is found one way or the other. Which hasn't happened yet...!
Two more Grant daughters, Mary Ann (1859) and Sarah (1861), were born in Altrincham, where two boys died in infancy. All birth, baptism and death certs show father Hugh Grant, clothier/clothes dealer, and mother Sarah Grant, formerly Dupree.
That's where it stood, until a Catholic baptism record was found in Altrincham dated 1875. Sarah Ann Agnes Grant, mother Maria Wycherley, father Mark Grant, godmother Agnes Grant. A family connection? It was proved by finding Mark and Maria's 1869 marriage in Liverpool. Maria 26, father Thomas, a stonemason. Mark 23, a bottler and packer, father Hugh Grant, clothier. On the 1871 L'Pool census, Mark gave his place of birth as 'Surrey, London.' In 1876, he died in a Liverpool hospital, and the death cert says 'acute illness 3 days duration. Present at death Hugh Grant, father, clothier of Altrincham.'
I have Maria's 1841 L'Pool birth cert, and she's on the 1851/61 L'Pool censuses (as Wickley in '51, Witcherley in '61). But I can't find Mark before his marriage. His daughter was born in Liverpool, but baptised in Altrincham where the Grants lived, and named after her grandmothers and aunt. When he was ill, Hugh went to his side. It suggests some family closeness, or at least, communication, so where was Mark before 1869? (Two 'male' Surrey birth certs weren't for him, and a Surrey-based AGRA researcher drew a blank.)
Hugh, Sarah and Mark haven't been found in 1851, and Mark was about 12 when they went to Altrincham; where was he? As he was born 10 years before Agnes, was he the son of Hugh but not of Sarah? Or did they have other children between Mark and Agnes? In Ireland? Or was Mark always in England and I just can't find him? Headache-inducing! My elderly aunts, now deceased, were keen on family history, and knew their grandmother Agnes well, but had never heard any mention of Mark. In short, he's a long-standing mystery, and any help or suggestions would be gratefully received.
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Re: Mark Grant b1846

Postby MayHam » Mon Jan 30, 2017 12:31 am

Have you already ruled out the following?
GRO Reference: 1846 J Quarter in STRAND UNION  Volume 01  Page 389
The district Strand spans the boundaries of the counties of Middlesex and London

There was a Hugh Grant and Elizabeth Jones working for the same family in Liverpool in 1841.
1841-Hanley Street, Liverpool, Lancashire, England
Elizabeth Jones, Female, 20, 1821 (Not Lanc. born), (Female Servant)
Hugh Grant, Male, 40, 1801, Ireland (Fruit Worker) ... 0011634103

Couldn't find Hugh & Elizabeth's marriage but there was one for an Edward Grant & Elizabeth Jones.
Marriages Jun 1846
Grant Edward, Liverpool, 20, 270
Jones Elizabeth, Liverpool, 20, 270

She may have died in 1849.
Deaths Sep 1849
Grant Elizabeth, Liverpool, Vol. 20, 576

Mark may have had a full brother.
GRO Reference: 1850  M Quarter in LIVERPOOL  Volume 20  Page 329

Found the following interesting but don't know if he's any relation to yours?
1851- Church Street, Wrexham, Denbighshire, Wales
John Grant, Lodger, Unmarried, Male, 50, 1801, Travelling Linen Draper, Ireland
Hugh Grant, Lodger, Unmarried, Male, 19, 1832, Travelling Linen Draper, Ireland ... 0017662641

Also, noticed the 1871 census says your Hugh was born in 1814 rather than 1831 as mentioned in your article. ... 0018382833
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Re: Mark Grant b1846

Postby sdup26 » Mon Jan 30, 2017 10:42 am

Many thanks MayHam, especially for pointing out my error with Hugh's age - I've edited the post to correct it. This family is confusing enough without me adding to it!
Yes, I've ruled out Mark Anthony Grant, birth registered Strand; he emigrated to the US in 1870 with his brothers.
Hugh may have been a bit casual with his age, but I think the travelling draper in Wrexham b1832, and the fruit worker in Liverpool b1801, are probably too far out. It's possible my Hugh Grant is the one appearing in Manchester Trade Directories in the early 1850's, as the address is a couple of streets from where Agnes was born in 1856. But he doesn't seem to be on the 1851 Manchester census, so no confirmation there.
Thank you for your input; it's much appreciated.
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Re: Mark Grant b1846

Postby AdrianB38 » Mon Jan 30, 2017 2:12 pm

Bear in mind that large chunks of the 1851 for Manchester were very badly water damaged and originally were not filmed at all. Depending on which provider you use, those bits may not appear.

Several years ago, someone had a go at the damaged books with ultra violet (or it might have been infra-red!) with some degree of success. I think that the only 2 providers even now are the local family history society, who transcribed stuff and Ancestry who used the same technique to photo the pages.

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Re: Mark Grant b1846

Postby sdup26 » Mon Jan 30, 2017 6:23 pm

Many thanks Adrian. You're right about the 1851 Manchester census; I'm a member of the local FHS but unfortunately, that hasn't helped.
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