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Robert McDonald born 1876 Edinburgh

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Re: Robert McDonald born 1876 Edinburgh

Postby ianbee » Fri Oct 12, 2018 8:16 pm

1918 electoral register
Parish of Brandon and Byshottles
16a Littleburn Lane, Langley Moor
Robert McDonald
Lydia McDonald

Now is this them up the road in Spring 1920?
Broom (Broompark)
459 Garden Street
Robert McDonald
Lydia McDonald

Note that these electoral registers are arranged by surnames, not street names.
So then what happens?
McDonalds at 459 Garden Street
Spring 1921 Robert McDonald
Aut 1921 Robert McDonald
Spring 1922 Margaret McDonald (is she lady who was at 409 John Street in 1920 and 1921?)
Spring 1923 Lydia McDonald (or perhaps she was Margaret!)
Aut 1923 Lydia McDonald
Spring 1924 Lydia McDonald

Then, back in the parish of Brandon & Byshottles
McDonalds at 73 Pringle Place
Spring 1925 Robert McDonald
Spring 1926 Robert McDonald, Lydia McDonald
Aut 1926 Robert McDonald, Lydia McDonald
1927 Lydia McDonald
1928 Neither! (only a Mary McDonald who is still listed at 69 Pringle Place)
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Re: Robert McDonald born 1876 Edinburgh

Postby ianbee » Fri Oct 12, 2018 9:13 pm

Emily Kennedy and family still in Brandon + Byshottles in the 1939 Register.
Meanwhile, her mother Lydia H McDonald, Widow, born 17 Nov 1885, is in Felling U.D., living at the same address as Alfred Stout, who she married shortly after in the Dec qtr (and her surname has been amended)
That d-o-b seems to be two years out, if she was registered as Lydia Hannah Chrisp in Dec 1883. Looks like she died in 1946.
Of course Lydia might have just been calling herself a widow, and her remarriage might have followed news of her husband's death (as we have seen before!), but we have been told that in 1930 Emily said her father was deceased.
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Re: Robert McDonald born 1876 Edinburgh

Postby PaulH01 » Fri Oct 12, 2018 10:36 pm

Wow! Thank you all very much for that - especially the electoral register info!

Just to answer a couple of your questions:
I ordered the 1904 and 1930 marriage certificates from the Durham County Council BMD website four years ago. Both registry office marriages, the latter looked as if it may have been a genuine copy (e.g. the signatures looked to have been written by different people), the former definitely written by one person, so, transcribed.

Lydia's mother, Annie Bolton (Chrisop), remarried in 1893, to Peter Robinson, and the family is living in Coppy Crook in 1901, this includes Hannah, aged 17. She has taken on her stepfather's name there, so is Hannah Robinson. The names of her siblings match too.

I'm not aware of any Margaret McDonalds.

I'd seen the 1939 Register information; as you say, at least two sources indicate that Robert wasn't living by 1930/1939, although this may not be entirely accurate, of course. For example, it's very possible that Annie Bolton's husband was still alive in 1893 when she remarried, but that's another story......

They seem to have moved about a bit, albeit in the same area, and Robert appears to be missing from the list at times. I wonder if his work (painter/decorator) took him away, or whether it was the army connections, or something else?
One other thing I was told was that he was a scenic artist as well and did the Ushaw Moor cinema (when decoration was decoration, with all those silent films). It was a bingo hall, function room, and was demolished in 2008, so I've missed my chance to see that :-(

1927, or just after, might be worth my checking out, if they both disappeared from the area then.

FreeBMD has no Robert McDonald of remotely the right age dying around then, until we reach the one who died in Gateshead aged 64 in 1940. And I suspect he is the Robert J Macdonald born in Gateshead in 1876, father Robert, who married Elizabeth.
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Re: Robert McDonald born 1876 Edinburgh

Postby PaulH01 » Sat Oct 20, 2018 9:23 am

Following up on the Angus McDonald theory, there is a family tree on Ancestry that has a few more details on the family (no more on Robert though), and puts Robert McDonald's birth as 11/03/1877 in Edinburgh.

I also found an document on Ancestry/FMP for a Robert Mcdonald born 11/03/1877, in the Navy, (1917-1919); he put his profession down as butler, the same as the Robert McDonald 1901 Census entry that Sylcec found earlier. So this is probably the one above.

So... in 1904 (marriage) and 1911 (census) he's a journeyman decorator/painter, yet in 1901 and 1917 he's a butler. I'm now doubtful whether this is the same person, although I suppose he could have stated his original profession when he joined the Navy. And where was he in 1911 otherwise?

I have tried finding a contact for Durham BMD to ask if I can see the original marriage certificate, to see whether James is mistranscribed as Angus, but so far no luck. Not an easy website to navigate!
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