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Mattinson relatives confusion

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Mattinson relatives confusion

Postby CJ16 » Sat Jan 21, 2017 11:56 am

Hi I have been researching my family tree for years but can't seem to solve my brick wall! My relative John Mattinson b. 1778 Dufton, Westmorland d. Dec 1869 Dalton, Westmorland who married Isabella Sedgwick/Sedgewick/Sidgwick b. 1785 Ormside, Westmorland d. Oct 1863 Kendal, Westmorland had few children. I have found records that show they had at least six children: William Mattinson b. 1813 Ormside, Philip Mattinson b. 1814 Ormside, Ann Mattinson b. 1816 Heversham, John Mattinson b. 1818 Heversham, Elizabeth Mattinson b. 1826 Heversham, Matthew Mattinson b. 1828 Kirkby Lonsdale. So the confusion is how many children did they have? I had someone from America contact me years ago and say they are related to one of their sons but I cannot find any evidence of them having a son James Mattinson who emigrated to America with spelling Mattison? They said they were told by a relative years ago but have no proof and they don't realise how common Mattinson surname was in Westmorland. The trouble is lots of people have copied each others information on their ancestry family tree without actual records to prove they are the right family. Any suggestions or advice? :-)
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Re: Mattinson relatives confusion

Postby sdup26 » Sat Jan 21, 2017 5:38 pm

You're right to say that Mattinson (or variants) isn't an uncommon surname. John and Isabella nee Sedgwick were married on 3rd June 1810 in Ormside, and had sons William b1813 and Phillip 1814 in Ormside, John 1819 in Heversham, and Matthew 1829 in Lupton. This is confirmed by the 1851 census, which shows John Mattinson aged 73 and wife Isabella 65, living with sons Phillip (b Ormside) John (b Heversham) and Matthew (b Lupton), and grand-daughter Isabella aged 9. William isn't with the family in 1851, but his baptism has his mother as Sedgwick. On the 1841 census, Elizabeth aged 15 (born about 1826) is with her parents and brother Matthew in Kirkby Lonsdale. So there's good evidence for five children. I can't find a baptism for Ann - have you? Have you found her on the census in 1841 under Mattinson? Or do you know if she was married by then?
As to the possible US connection, there was a James Mattison born in Westmorland with a father John, but not with a mother called Isabella.
I wouldn't worry about what other people think they know. Do your own research, using as many original records as possible (parish, censuses, BMD's etc). If you end up agreeing with those ancestry trees, fine. If not, check your findings again, and if you still get the same results, assume the trees are wrong and you're right!
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