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Abraham Carter Merrett

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Abraham Carter Merrett

Postby cergenealogy » Sat Jan 14, 2017 4:10 pm

Abraham Carter Merrett was the brother of my 3x Great Grandfather, Henry Merrett. Abraham was born in Clapham on 3rd April 1807 (Parents: William Merrett & Elizabeth Carter) and baptised there on 24th April 1838.

There is the baptism of a Charles William Merrett born to an Abraham Merrett & Elizabeth Merrett at Kennington St Mark on 6th May 1838; Abraham is listed as a labourer from Stockwell Green.
The marriage of a Mary Ann Harris and James Knight at Christchurch, Battersea on 8th May 1864 lists the bride’s father as Abraham Carter Merrett, labourer.

This is the only information I have been able to find regarding Abraham Carter Merrett. I have found no definite marriage for him to Elizabeth (surname unknown), census records, or the births of either Charles or Mary Ann (or any further details). Neither can I find a previous marriage for Mary Ann to – Harris. I have also found no death records for Abraham. There is a possible record for both Charles (Shoemaker) and Mary Ann (aged 10) at the Norwood Workhouse in the 1851 census but this is unconfirmed.

Abraham had a number of brothers & sisters and they and their descendants remained largely in Clapham and the surrounding / Surrey area.

Any suggestions much appreciated!
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Re: Abraham Carter Merrett

Postby ianbee » Sat Jan 14, 2017 6:49 pm

Abraham Carter Merrett was a witness to the marriage of Mary Ann Harris in 1864.
Could he have been using the name Charles instead of Abraham?
In Battersea in 1861 (piece 371 folio 93 page 37)
Charles Merritt Head Wdr 54 Labourer, born Surrey Clapham
Maryann Merritt Daur Un 21 Surrey Stockwell
William Merritt Grandson 1 Surrey Battersea

Baptism, Clapham, 5 January 1840
(born) Novr 19 1839
Mary ann
daughter of Charles + Elizabeth Merritt
abode Stockwell
father a Labourer

In Lambeth in 1841 (Stockwell Green)
piece 1056 book 1 folio 28 page 13
Charles Merritt, 30, Labourer
Eliza Merritt 30
six others with them include William, 3, Mary, 1

If Charles was really Abraham Carter, then the William aged 3 in 1841 would presumably have to be the Charles William bap 1838. There might be an appropriate gap in the Charles + Elizabeth Merrett baptisms between Caroline (1835) and Mary's in 1840.
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Re: Abraham Carter Merrett

Postby cergenealogy » Sun Jan 15, 2017 10:51 am

Hi, Ian

Thanks for your help. I've got the details you suggested but had always taken the Charles Merre/itt you've found as being a cousin of Abraham's through one of the brothers of his father (where there are more Charles found) but the more I think about it perhaps they are in fact one and the same... Abraham Carter Merrett took his name from his mother's brother, Abraham Carter, who survived for a number of years after his namesake was born and who was cared for in later years by one of ACM's sisters, so perhaps it is likely that he went by another name just to avoid any confusion.

I'll take the assumption for now that Abraham and Charles were the same and see what else it throws up! Fingers crossed...

Thanks again

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Re: Abraham Carter Merrett

Postby afinch » Sat Jan 28, 2017 1:21 am

I was very interested to read this post. I am descended from Charles Merrett and have toyed with the idea that he is one and the same as Abraham Carter Merrett. Charles is shown on the census as born 1808 in Clapham but there is only the baptism of Abraham Carter. Charles is in Stockwell where Abraham is also found. I have tried in vain to track what happened to Charles' daughters but it certainly looks as if you have two of them as Charles' daughters. Added to that, there is a Charles Merrett born Stockwell who joined the Royal Navy who is presumably my Charles' son and corresponds to the baptism with Abraham. I wonder if DNA might help us clarify this potential link?
Best wishes, Adrian Finch
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