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How do I get copy of old will from Jamaica?

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Re: How do I get copy of old will from Jamaica?

Postby MaureenE » Fri Jan 13, 2017 12:45 am

Depending how much you want it, perhaps a telephone call to the Registrar General's.

Alternatively , a post on the Facebook page you mention.

My experience with researching in India is that for varying reasons emails are generally ignored, including a cultural view that if you want something, you will make an effort and visit. However, the payment side is also important, and a lot of institutions/churches are not set up with automatic online payment systems, and the payment side then becomes a problem for overseas enquirers. There are also suggestions of a payment "kickbacK' system in India which I suspect has an influence, although this is not generally mentioned.

Also in India, churches will not generally give information to a non family member, which rules out a paid researcher.

Some, or all, of these considerations may apply in Jamaica.

There is also the possibility that old records have not survived due to the tropical climate, with possible extreme weather events such a typhoons and flooding, and the damage done to old records by insects.

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