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Jan de Grave

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Jan de Grave

Postby MayHam » Tue Jan 10, 2017 3:19 am

Jan de Grave was born around 1536, Antwerp, Belgium and died before 1596, Zierikzee, Netherlands.
He is thought to have had two sons, Hans born around 1761, and Simon around 1766.
He was living in Zierikzee in 1581. ... ea_lang=en

Could he be the same Jean de Bourbon-Busset born 2 Sep 1537, La Motte-Feuilly, France and died sometime after 1570? He married 10 Sep 1566, Eucharist de Brosse-Morlet.

Their children were:
A. Gilberte de Bourbon-Busset (1568-after 13.01.1599)
= 1598, Joachim de Chabannes, lord of Trussy
B. Jeanne de Bourbon-Busset (1570)
= 1599, Jean Louis de la Mousse, lord of Plaisance

After the St. Bartholomew’s Day massacre on August 24, 1572, certain members of the French Royal Family of d’Orleans had to leave France on account of their Huguenot sympathies. One of these, Andries d’Orleans found refuge in the Netherlands where the name was changed to De Graaf (meaning the Count.) Jean de Bourbon-Bussets' ancestors had ties to Belgium so I wonder if he might have changed his name?

Unfortunately, I can't find any primary documents recording any of their deaths. Does anyone have any advice? Thank you.
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