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Mary Ann Howarth (Burnley 1884 - ?)

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Mary Ann Howarth (Burnley 1884 - ?)

Postby MoVidger » Fri Jan 06, 2017 5:31 pm

Trying to find Mary Ann Howarth/Haworth after 1907 is the proverbial 'needle in a haystack'. She is the remaining puzzle of her Howarth siblings in my research. The details I know so far are:

Born on 14 November 1884 at 73 Milton Street, Burnley to parents John & Mary Ann (nee Aspden, but often listed as Aspin/Aspinall). John is a Coal Agent, as per Mary Ann's birth certificate. (He also worked primarily as a Gas Stoker until his death in 1931).

1891: 15 Layfield St, Burnley - Mary Ann is age 6 and living with her family.
1901: 8 Chaffer St, Burnley - she is age 17, living with family. Occupation: 'Paper Bag Maker'
1907: witness at sister Minnie's wedding to Samuel Higgins (12 January in Burnley)
1911 census: no idea where she is, or if she's still alive or married
1939 Register: hardly any "Mary Ann's" with the DoB of 14 Nov 1884 (with 5 years either side)

I've checked Ancestry, FMP, and the Lancashire Parish Records website for suitable 1907 to 1911 marriages or deaths for a Mary Ann/Mary A Howarth. But she still eludes me. Problem is that her full name was very common in the northwest of England.

Note: she is not the Mary Ann Howarth who marries in Burnley, Jun 1907 8e 521. That lady's father is an Edward Howarth. And I don't believe she's the lady who marries Robert Fox in Blackburn on 26 March 1910. That woman's father was John Howarth, occupation 'mechanic'.

Many thanks, in advance, for any assistance with this lady's whereabouts after 1907. It may turn out she's 'in the wind' from 1907 onwards, but she's a mystery I'd love to solve.
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Re: Mary Ann Howarth (Burnley 1884 - ?)

Postby sdup26 » Fri Jan 06, 2017 6:32 pm

I'm not at all sure about this one, but it's odd, so thought it was worth mentioning.
1911 census, 132 Every Street, Burnley, household of James Nixon aged 57.
Son Isaac is the only offspring listed as 'married' but there's no Mrs Nixon. However, there's a Mary Howarth, aged 27 (b1884) a weaver born Burnley, listed as 'daughter.'
So is she Isaac's wife, in which case, is she listed under her maiden name in error? Or is she a Nixon, married to an absent Howarth? Over to you Mo!
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Re: Mary Ann Howarth (Burnley 1884 - ?)

Postby MoVidger » Fri Jan 06, 2017 7:33 pm

Hi sdup26 - I had seen that 1911 census, as well. I think that Mary Howarth is one of the Nixon family. There is an 1899 marriage in Burnley for a Mary Nixon and William Howarth (no relation to my Howarth family).

I'm hoping that Mary Ann lived long enough to the 1939 Register, so that I can narrow down her married name, etc. But it's rather painstaking, considering that she could be living anywhere. (Most of her siblings remained in the Blackburn/Burnley areas, except for her brother Thomas who emigrated to America in 1911).
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Re: Mary Ann Howarth (Burnley 1884 - ?)

Postby MayHam » Sun Jan 08, 2017 4:31 am

Any chance she is the same Mary Ann Haworth who married James Illingworth?

Name: Mary Ann Haworth
Event Type: Marriage
Registration Quarter: Apr-May-Jun
Registration Year: 1908
Registration District: Haslingden
County: Lancashire
Event Place: Haslingden, Lancashire, England
Volume: 8E
Page: 182
Line Number: 340
Mary Ann Haworth probably married one of the following people
Name: James Illingworth

1911 England, Wales & Scotland Census Transcription
143 Ormerod Street Accrington, Accrington, Lancashire, England
James Illingworth, Head, Married, Male, Carter Building Contractor, 26, 1885, Thornley Chipping Parish Lancs
Mary Ann Illingworth, Wife, Married, Female, Cotton Weaver, 26, 1885, Burnley Lancs ... 2f0143%2f1

35 Raven Street , Bradford C.B., Yorkshire (West Riding), England
Mary A Illingworth, 22 Feb 1883, Female, Fly Spinning, Married, SCHEDULE 83, SUB NUMBER 2
James Illingworth, 02 Apr 1884, Male, Iron Foundry Labourer, Married, 83, 1
Charlie Smith, 15 Oct 1887, Male, Jobbing Woolcombing, Widowed, 83, 3 ... 2F006%2F36

(Their son)
GRO Reference: 1913  S Quarter in BURNLEY  Volume 08E  Page 488

Name: Pollie Smith
Event Type: Marriage Registration
Registration Quarter: Apr-May-Jun
Registration Year: 1936
Registration District: Skipton
County: Yorkshire
Event Place: Skipton, Yorkshire, England
Spouse Name (available after 1911): Illingworth
Volume: 9A
Line Number: 124
Pollie Smith probably married one of the following people
Name: Mark H Illingworth

26 Fold Lane , Skipton R.D., Yorkshire (West Riding), England
Mark R Illingworth, 20 Jul 1913, Male, Poultry Farm Worker Assisting Father, Married, 206, 1
Pollie Heskin (Illingworth), 16 Dec 1910, Female, Unpaid Domestic Duties, Married, 206, 2 ... 2F015%2F27

Name: Mark Howarth Illingworth
Birth Date: 20 Jul 1913
Date of Registration: Sep 1982
Age at Death: 69
Registration district: Keighley
Inferred County: Yorkshire West Riding
Volume: 4
Page: 0623 ... &ml_rpos=2
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Re: Mary Ann Howarth (Burnley 1884 - ?)

Postby MoVidger » Sun Jan 08, 2017 5:43 am

Hi MayHam - thanks very much for the detailed info! At first, I was a bit put off by the different DoB for the Mary Ann you located in the 1939 Register.
But then I remembered that there is another James Illingworth in the family tree. Uncanny. That chap was a wool comber who married Mabel Holmes in 1912 in Baildon, Yorkshire. Mabel was actually the sister-in-law of Mary Ann Howarth. (Mabel's older sister Clara married Francis Howarth -- Mary Ann's brother. They resided in Keighley circa 1900).

The only 'fly in the ointment' is that James Illingworth (Mabel's husband) was born in 1888 in Shipley. His parents were John Benjamin and Thurza Illingworth.

However, I don't want to dismiss any of the details you found. They deserve further investigation, which I will resume in the morning. I just wish Mary Ann Illingworth's DoB from the 1939 Register matched my Mary Ann's birthdate of 14 Nov 1884. Watch this space...
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Re: Mary Ann Howarth (Burnley 1884 - ?)

Postby MoVidger » Sun Jan 08, 2017 8:08 pm

Haven't managed to locate an online record for the 1908 marriage for Mary Ann Howarth and James Illingworth (to confim Mary Ann's father and occupation).

However, I have just found a 1911 baptism record for an Ida Howarth.
Born 23 January 1911, 35 Tunstill Street, Burnley.
Baptised 19 April 1911, Burnley
Mother: Mary Ann Howarth

Oddly enough, I haven't located mother or daughter in the 1911 census yet. Given Ida's baptism date, they must be in Burnley somewhere. Tunstill Street (Burnley) isn't appearing when I search the 1911 census on FMP.
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Re: Mary Ann Howarth (Burnley 1884 - ?)

Postby ianbee » Sun Jan 08, 2017 8:34 pm

Hi Mo
Richard Walsh is at 35 Tunstill Street, Burnley, in the 1911 census. Along with Mary Walsh, and Ida Walsh (11 weeks). And, yes, Mary Walsh is 26, born Burnley.
There's a Mary A Walsh in Burnley in 1939. Birthdate 14 November 1884. With Richard T Walsh.
You seem to have found the answer to your own question again!
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Re: Mary Ann Howarth (Burnley 1884 - ?)

Postby ianbee » Sun Jan 08, 2017 9:07 pm

This looks like her death reg
Sep 1944 Burnley 8e 146
Walsh, Mary Ann
age 59

Death announcement, 19 July 1944, Burnley Express (page 4)
And a bit of an obit for her on page 2
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Re: Mary Ann Howarth (Burnley 1884 - ?)

Postby MoVidger » Sun Jan 08, 2017 9:26 pm

Hi Ian - gosh you found those results fast! I'd stepped away to make a cup of tea...and returned to find the Walsh details you've helpfully listed. Many thanks again! (And yes, I think my brain must be wired differently when it comes to family research). :oops:

Last week I'd made a list of 20 or so names which fitted the 20 Nov 1884 birthdate in the 1939 Register. I did notice the Mary A Walsh in Burnley, but as I couldn't locate any marriage details, I left her on the back burner. Typical that my weird search strategy uncovered a daughter Ida, quite by accident, as usual.

I notice the 1911 census indicates the Walsh couple have been married "2 years". Hmm. Given that Ida was baptised with no father named, I'd venture to guess the couple weren't married by 1911.

I've been searching for a Walsh/Howarth marriage record from 1907 to 1939 onwards, but nothing is turning up so far. Perhaps Richard T Walsh was married when he met Mary Ann ??

Just saw your new post arrive, regarding the Mary A Walsh (age 59) who died 1944 in Burnley. I will check out her obit on FMP now. Thanks again!
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