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New GRO search result limitations.

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New GRO search result limitations.

Postby Mick Loney » Wed Dec 14, 2016 7:21 am

Searching on the website is fraught with gotcha's, and care must be taken when posing a search. Here are some tips:

1. Entry fields are indistinct colourwise, and it is too easy to leave something in one of the fields without realising.
2. No wild-cards are allowed in fields, but one can specify how to treat the field, but what the diference is between the choices, I have no idea - they produce weird results.
3. One can alter the forename from say 'Ann' to 'John' but if one forgets to alter the sex as well, one gets nill results.(see1.)
4. If one enters mothers maiden, same rule in 1 applies, but when moving to another family, don't forget to delete this, or again you get wrong result.(see1.)
5. The results are limited to a specific quantity then cut-off! So if the result you want is not there, it may be one of the ones beyond the cut-off! You'll need to fill in some extra fields to reduce the quantity of matches, and hope your result eventually appears.
6. If specifying a year and quarter, don't forget to reset the quarter for the next search (see1.)

All in all, I found the site very frustrating and picky, and wouldn't work at all if I didn't have freebmd to use as a guide, which I found very useful for finding those oft mis-spelt surnames.

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