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Feeling connected to ancestors

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Feeling connected to ancestors

Postby Thos. S. » Wed Nov 09, 2016 5:01 pm

Not sure if this has been discussed before.

Thinking about the new series of WDYTYA starting soon we often see the celebrities becoming emotional when hearing their ancestors stories. Some of the stories are genuinely moving and we've probably all come across stories in our own family history.

Do any of you feel any connection to your ancestors? Do you feel the stories are personally linked to you?

Obviously the further you go back the more ancestors you have, so can we really have a connection to them all?

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Thos. S.
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Re: Feeling connected to ancestors

Postby Joyce Holder » Fri Nov 25, 2016 1:34 am

I certainly feel connected to some of my ancestors but not enough to cry. Sometimes shocked at their plight
I do feel that some, but not all, of the celebrities are putting on an act for the camera and one can usually sense this and it doesn't enhance the programme one iota.
Maybe, instead of using celebrities, the programme would be much more interesting if ordinary people with extraordinary stories were used. There are many as the magazine has shown us.
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Re: Feeling connected to ancestors

Postby richaldis » Fri Nov 25, 2016 2:43 pm

I started tracing my family tree because I have no living family, photos or anything and honestly it's more of a problem solving exercise than anything else. I've never cried or become emotional at my ancestors stories and I tend to think the WDYTYA celebs put it on for effect. Yes, it's interesting to see the handwriting, wills and documents and places my ancestors lived but no more than other people who are part of our shared history.
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Feeling connected to ancestors

Postby SoozOne » Tue Dec 06, 2016 8:36 am

I agree with the thought of celebs putting on emotion at times. I suppose though that they're used to portraying larger than life on screen, so maybe they feel its what's expected to make a good programme.
Having said that though I must admit feeling initial shock then sadness when I discovered Maria, my maternal great grandmother, was a widow with a young family when she married Edward my ggrandfather. I'd always known she'd died in childbirth, but never heard her story. Sadly Maria's life hadn't taken a turn for the better with her second marriage as she died in childbirth with Edward's first, her fifth child less than a full year later. This child, my grandmother Hannah, was and continued to be raised by Edward's parents - even though he remarried shortly after and had a further five children. Maria's four previous children went to live with her then elderly parents. I knew nothing of this growing up and I doubt very much if my mother did either.
I still feel very sad for Maria and wonder about her other four orphaned young children. After she died I could only find two of them in the next census living with their by then very elderly grandparents, then they all vanished.
My family have always had contact with Hannahs half siblings from Edward's second family who were close, but I never heard mention of her other half siblings from Maria's other family.
As to the other question, whilst our non-celeb stories here are really fascinating, tv programme makers draw in a far larger audience - and sell it to advertisers - if they're delving into celebrity stories.

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Re: Feeling connected to ancestors

Postby hullnow » Thu Dec 08, 2016 12:56 pm

I have not seen any photos of my paternal g/father,he died many years before I was born.While researching him I came across an attestation form when he joined the 19th hussars,in 1910,he bought his discharge 2 days later,on the form it gives a physical description height weight etc.I also have my dad`s papers when he joined the Royal Marines in WW2,the physical description of dad on that form is almost exactly the same as his dad.a couple of inches differ in height.I can now visualise how g/dad looked,a little more connected now.
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