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Christian Luckaes

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Christian Luckaes

Postby jimstallard » Thu Nov 03, 2016 8:06 pm

I'm tracing my mtDNA line and I'm stuck five generations in.

John Trowbridge and Christian Luckaes were married 22nd February 1821 - I have their marriage certificate. The rector, Phil Rideout of Farnham, crossed out Luckas and wrote in Luckaes for Christians maiden name. Why? There was a Thomas Luckas as a witness, and Phil Rideout had written many Lucas, Luccas and Luckas BMD certs before, what was different about this one? Was he hearing something different, foreign maybe? Luckas was often pronounce Luckest. (He also wrote John Trowbridge's surname as Trobridge by his mark, and he had Ms Dibben a witness as "Marther" when only a year later he married her as Martha, so maybe spelling wasn't one of his better points!)

After this Christian appears to become Catherine and Kitty for the birth of their five children (two die), then 10th June 1934 John (a widower) marries Anne Frampton (a widow, nee Budden).

I have no birth for Christian, no death or burial.

There is a recorded death for Katherine Lucas, 7th May 1834, age 35, Parish of Sixpenny Handley, but if this is "my" Christian/Catherine why use her maiden name? (And if it is her, John and Anne sure get married real quick after her death!)

I'm looking for ANY info on Christian Luckaes, and/or Catherine or Kitty Trowbridge of Sixpenny Handley, Dorset.

Many thanks

Jim Stallard
Stallard, Barnes, Warner, May, Trowbridge, Luckaes.

(Extra info:
1796, July 17th - Thomas Trowbridge and Elizabeth baptise/christen their son John, in Pentridge, Dorset.

1821, Feb 22nd - John Trowbridge marries Christian Lucas (or Luckas/Luccas) (spelt Luckaes on the record of the marriage) - Sixpenny Handley, Dorset.
(Rector: Phil Rideout of Farnham; Witnesses: Martha Dibben, Thomas Luckas)

To John Trowbridge and Catherine (aka "Kitty") are born: (all at 6d Handley)
(1821) Frederic (buried 1821)
(1823) Hannah
(1826) Betsy
(1829) George
(1831) John (buried 1832)

1834, June 10th - Anne Frampton marries John Trowbridge, 6d Handley.

1841 Census: John TROBIGE, Anne Trobige, Hannah, Betsy & George are at Deanlane, 6d Handley with two of Anne Frampton's kids Josiah Frampton 15 & Frederick Frampton 14.

1851 Cenus: John TROWBRIDGE, with Anne, and George, still Deanlane, 6d Handley

1871 Census: John Trowbridge, (b. 1795 Pentridge, Dorsetshire), 6d Handley, with spouse Anna Trowbridge.

Just to confuse things further, on 27th December 1792 Christian Lucas was baptised at Donhead St Mary, Wiltshire (just a short walk across the border!) father Thomas mother Elizabeth. I cannot find a brother Thomas for her but there was a Thomas Lucas baptised also in Donhead St Mary 23rd September 1798 but his parents were George and Hannah - although interestingly the names of two of John and Christian's children, so possible family connection?? But I can't find any definitive links.

More on HANNAH Trowbridge:
1851 Census: Hannah is in Pentridge (it's only a walk away, where her father John was born. She's a servant (cook at the Woodyates Inn, Pentridge) of Tom John Hayter and wife Elizabeth. (Some link to John Trowbridge? or John's father with Hayter Snr. at Woodyates Manor? John Trowbridge senior was a foreman for him.)
1854 she was in Durley Hampshire marrying James May.
1855 she gives birth to Mary Jane May... my mother's great grandmother.
She marries another May, Charles of Durley, Hampshire in 1872)
Marriage of John Trowbridge and Christian Luckaes
1821LuckaesTrowbridgeDETAIL.jpg (242.37 KiB) Viewed 1135 times
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Re: Christian Luckaes

Postby AdrianB38 » Thu Nov 03, 2016 9:17 pm

I'm not convinced that the original was indeed Luckas and the new one Luckaes.

I think that the original was Lukas. The beginning of the "u" is visible and working out where the end of it was is not easy but it seems to come right up against the vertical of the "k" - so there is no room for the "c".

I'm not even convinced that the "e" in Luckaes is supposed to be there - it certainly was there to start with, but there's a line through it that could be the flourish of the "s". If it is, then yes, it's Luckaes. But no other "s" has that sort of flourish to kick that far back and down.

I'm pretty sure that the original was Lukas - I'm less sure that the replacement is Luckas.....
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Re: Christian Luckaes

Postby ciderdrinker » Fri Nov 04, 2016 12:11 pm

I had a look at the marriage of John Trowbridge and Christina and the witness is Thomas Luckas.
Perhaps that is a clue?
He seems to die in 6d Handley in 1846 aged 57 so born 1789 and could well be her older brother.
There is also a Will of John Bright alias Luckis in 1789 at Handley which might suggest another surname for the Lucases.

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Re: Christian Luckaes

Postby jimstallard » Fri Nov 04, 2016 12:25 pm

Thanks Adrian and ciderdrinker.

Even so, there is no death, burial or birth for a Christian Luckas, Luccas, Lucas, Luckest etc etc throughout Dorset or the neighbouring counties (that I can find).

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