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Beer family Devon

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Beer family Devon

Postby grandmabear » Tue Nov 01, 2016 7:09 pm

I was unable to continue on my previous post of the Warren family as page 2 seems to be very small print, well at least on my tablet so will begin this post.
I had no luck finding William Warren's father Henry as was recorded on his marriage record and I havnt been able to establish who his mother was.
His wife being Susan Diamond, her parents were Samuel Diamond and Susanna Beer.
I was able to find Susanna's birth 13 July 1797, and her siblings being John 8 October 1789, Ann 12 April 1793, and Sarah 30 January 1795, there's also a Catherine but havnt found her record although she appears to be 8 in 1800. Which makes her birth around 1792.
The children appear in the poor laws as being apprenticed out 1798/ 1800/1806 with just the mother named as parent.
I think the father must have died but can't find a death record for him.
Their father was John Beer and mother Mary but I havnt established a surname for her yet .
Any help with my research would be gratefully appreciated
Thank you
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Re: Beer family Devon

Postby MayHam » Mon Nov 21, 2016 4:05 pm

You mentioned Susanna Beer's eldest sibling was christened 8 Oct 1789 (in Coffinswell, Devonshire.)
I searched the original records and found Susanna's christening as well as Mary's second marriage. There is no mention of John Beer's burial, although others were buried during that time.

Susanna Beer 13 July 1797, Coffinswell, Devon
and original (please note on some of the pages a Robert Calley is listed as a churchwarden) ... at=1832083

Mary Beer
27 Dec 1799, Coffinswell, Devon= (2) James SMITH
and original ... at=1832083

Mary had three more children with James Smith.
James SMITH 24 Jul 1800, Coffinswell, Devon

Elizabeth SMITH 2 Jul 1802
12 Jul 1830, Coffinswell, Devon= Joseph VINICOMBE

Mary Ann SMITH 29 Sep 1804
24 Jun 1831, Coffinswell, Devon= Joseph NOSWORTHY

A John Bear married a Mary Calley 21 Apr 1789, Abbotskerswell (the same town where Susanna married Samuel Diamond. Not sure if that's important or not.) ... 000161%2f1

I'm guessing Mary is the daughter of William Cawley & Mary Carriage who were married in Coffinswell 14 Dec 1769. They had three children christened there: Susanna (9 Mar 1770), William (27 Oct 1772), and Sarah (6 Jan 1775). There was a Mary Cowley christened in Modbury 29 Aug 1779, daughter of William & Mary. Perhaps daughter Mary was christened when she joined the church aged around 12 years old?

There is also a Mary GILL who married John Bear in 1788 in Tawstock. ... 156737%2f1

I couldn't find any other John/Mary Beer's that fit that timeframe.
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Re: Beer family Devon

Postby grandmabear » Mon Nov 21, 2016 6:57 pm

Thank you so much Mayham
I am most grateful for your help. I hadn't thought of Mary remarrying, with this new information I will be able make great progress with this branch of our family.
Thanks again
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