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Middle name query (Valentine)

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Re: Middle name query (Valentine)

Postby sdup26 » Tue Oct 18, 2016 4:37 pm

"Thema" Barber aged 21 (1820), female servant, nbic, is living in Rose Bank, Tottington Higher End, Bury, in 1841. It looks as if she's in the same household as another FS, Mary Barber aged 30 (1811), not born in county, householder Thomas Greigg, born Scotland.
Thamer's future husband Allan Smith was also in Tottington in 1841 - aged 20, unmarried, calico maker (?), born Scotland.
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Re: Middle name query (Valentine)

Postby MoVidger » Tue Oct 18, 2016 6:23 pm

Many thanks Ian and sdup26 for the latest finds. This Barber family has sent me down a rabbit hole, due to all the unknowns.

Matilda's 1864 marriage to Henry Davey lists father as William Barber, thatcher. Her 1881 marriage lists William Nunn, labourer. I think what's happened is the Registrar for the 1864 marriage wrote "Barber" instead of Nunn. Unless proven otherwise, William Nunn (thatcher) was Matilda and Henry's step-father. (I think Henry's second marriage lists William Nunn as his father, too)

I agree with Ian there were two different Mary Barber's. The mother born c1784 and the other Mary born c1809 (possibly her daughter?)

So now to connect all these Barber women. With Mary (age 30) and Thamer (age 21) in the Griegg household in 1841, I will assume they were sisters. Then we have Susan Barber, who married Benjamin Buck. She must be another sister, and daughter of Mary and John Barber (miller).

Thamer (b 1842) must be the daughter of either Ann or Mary. Thamer's 1875 marriage to James Berry lists her father as John Barber, labourer. No idea who he is yet.

Interesting how young Thamer and Matilda gravitated to London to work.
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