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where was willie born?

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where was willie born?

Postby mjcosj » Sat Oct 08, 2016 9:25 am

Willam Such was married in 1808 at Saint Phillips Birmingham to Matilda Bloomer, the record shows that they were both 21 and born in 1878.
The 1841 census show William, now a widower, living in Birmingham and the enumerator says that he was born in the County of Warwickshire.
Birmingham did change Counties to Worcestershire at one stage, however I cannot find any William Such as being born there that fits my criteria.
There are several William Such's born in Warwickshire but none who match the date 1878 or a year either way.
I would like to find out Williams Mum and dad so that I can continue to build that part of the family tree.
Any help or advice would be valued.
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Re: where was willie born?

Postby ciderdrinker » Sat Oct 08, 2016 10:06 am

Can I ask are you the person searching for Matilda Bloomer Such born 1817 daughter of William Such and Matilda Bloomer recently?
If so here is the 1851 census
Bloomsbury Edgbaston
William Such widower 68 agent Birmingham
Matilda B 34 proffessor of Music Birmingham
Emma 28 millner Birmingham

1841 Watery Lane
William Such 59 agent y
Matilda 53 y
Caroline 20 y
Emma 18 y
Francis 14 y
So William is born in Birmingham 1782/3 and Matilda 1788 ish.
Matilda is buried at St Paul's 19 Sep 1846 from Bloomsbury age 59 so 1787 birth.
William is also buried there 12 Jan 1855 age 72 from Bloomsbury so 1783 but it was the very beginning of the year and he probably hadn't had his birthday that year.

There is a possible christening at St Phillips for William Such which fits .
William s of Thomas and Sarah 25 June 1782.
siblings Mary 31.10.1774 St Martins-4.12.1774 St Martins
Sarah 7.11.1775 St Phillips-7.11.1745
Ann 18.9.1777
Thomas 4.9.1779
Edward 7.4.1786
Matilda 29.6.1793
There's a marriage of Thomas Such and Sarah Bird 22 Dec 1773 at Harborne.
Sarah wife of Thomas was buried at St Paul 16 Jan 1821 age 67 years from Hall St.I can't see Thomas.

Matilda Bloomer you probably already have daughter of Robert and Hannah baptised 10.9.1787 at St Phillips.

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Re: where was willie born?

Postby mjcosj » Sat Oct 08, 2016 11:40 am

Ciderdrinker, you are indeed a star!
Thank you, I will get to the bottom of this Bloomer Such Tree yet!
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