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FTM / Ancestry problem

Fri Oct 07, 2016 11:08 am

I am curious to know if anyone else has had the same issue as me. While using FTM & Ancestry web merge wizard on 10th July, I realised that Something Had Gone Wrong - my FTM tree & online tree were no longer the same - different number of people, media variances etc. I spent some time checking & testing data & processes and realised that the FTM tree had been corrupted in some way. I discovered that MacKiev had taken over support of the MAC version entirely (Ancestry completely blanked my requests for support, directing me to MacKiev). MacKiev does not have a telephone support service, and the initial contact means to signal a problem is thru a clunky form called a TSR, which took ages to get anyone to respond. At times (but not always!) there is an online-chat facility, but these proved unhelpful. After a great deal of persistence, I had an email exchange with several technicians, and after many weeks, they allowed me to send them my tree, corrected it and sent it back. I have now restored that, and of course had to re-link all the media, and then re-load the corrected tree to a new online tree on Ancestry - that's still going on, it takes several weeks for all the media processing to finish.
I have of course asked the MacKiev technicians for an explanation, but was told I couldn't have one, as its 'internal' and policy not to give out that information.
I strongly suspect a security certificate mis-handling between Ancestry and MacKiev. I know that if I hadn't got a good IT background I would probably just have accepted the fobbing off that I got for over two months from MacKiev.
This issue has cost me 3 months of despair when I couldn't update my tree. I know of another person who has noticed that her FTM tree & Ancestry tree are no longer in line, but she's not very IT-savvy and hadn't followed that up.
I think that Ancestry & MacKiev between them may be hiding the fault, hoping that most people will either not notice or think they've done something wrong themselves.
Has anybody else had the same problem?

Re: FTM / Ancestry problem

Sun Oct 16, 2016 2:14 am

Hi there

What a frustrating and difficult time you've had. I hadn't noticed any issues, but then neither had I looked for any. I use a PC rather than a Mac but on reading your post I compared my Ancestry and FTM trees and found I had the same number of people but over 500 more media items on FTM than on Ancestry which surprised me. I would have expected the media numbers to be the same on both. Given your experience I don't think I will pursue it at this stage because at least I have all the media items on my FTM which is more important than on Ancestry, but it has made me question the integrity of the sync process and I will be more aware in future.

Thanks for sharing your experience.

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