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Can you please help discover where she is?

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Can you please help discover where she is?

Postby mjcosj » Tue Sep 20, 2016 3:15 pm

I am searching for Matilda B Such. The Bloomer family were prominent Iron people in the Midlands esp Pelsall. But the lady I am trying to trace appears to be a very talented and strong minded person; she was a teacher of music and also a Dress maker. She brought three girls into the world and was known as Matilda Williams at the registration of her third child living with or married to William Williams a Traveller.
Later she uses the name Simpson and Matilda and her girls adopt this name. Barbara becomes a school mistress and in the 1871 census is staying with Adam Simpson and his family in Dunstall near Burton on Trent, she appears to disappear.
Her mother Matilda Bloomer Simpson (as she calls herself later) is missing from the 1841 census and reappears on the 1851 census.
Can you help sort out my confusion please?

These are the facts:

Matilda Bloomer SUCH - Williams -Simpson- Slater
Born 17 Nov 1815 in Moat Row, Birmingham Warwickshire to William and Matilda Such .
Christened 31 May 1816

Matilda Bloomer Such gives birth to Barbara Such born 2.7.1841 Christened 20.6.1842 Matilda is a single woman

Fanny Such 1.4.1844 d of Matilda Bloomer Such a single woman

She then gives birth to Matilda Williams born 19th January 1849 7.2.1849 d of William and Matilda WILLIAMS (a traveler) Gt Charles St private baptism.

The couple appear to be living at 46 Steelhouse Lane, Birmingham when this birth is registered.

The 1851 Census reveals her three Children now sharing the surname WILLIAMS being fostered in Aston by an older couple from Leicestershire.

She is on the 1851 census as Matilda B Such an unmarried woman living with her father.

I cannot find Matilda anywhere in the 1841 census.
I cannot find a Marriage for William Williams or a Simpson (possible Irish connection).
Simpson is obviously important since the 1861 Census reveals the four females residing in Wolverhampton under the surname Simpson and Matilda is shown as a Widow.

Matilda later marries, aged 59, a Samuel Slater of Bradley her daughter Matilda is a witness as is one of the children listed as Nurse children with the three girls in Aston in 1851.

She appears to end her days in Kinver as a governess.

What a Mystery!
Can anyone suggest where I should look for any answer? Please

Many thanks.
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Re: Can you please help discover where she is?

Postby ciderdrinker » Wed Sep 21, 2016 10:05 am

Hello again Mike
I've got a little more not about William Simpson/Williams.
The daughters marry the following
Barbara Simpson married at Dunstall,Burton on Trent after 19.10.1879 John Anderson,widower of Killshine county Meath ,Ireland.(I can find the banns and the Civil registration but not the actual marriage certificate on line)
Fanny Simpson 20.7.1863 Manchester All Saints dressmaker of 13 Johnson St d of William Simpson farmer to Edward James 24 smith 13 Johnson St s of Thomas wheelwright.(He appears as Edwin on the 1871 census but Edward in 1861 both in Wolverhampton).wit Martha James and James Finnes
Matilda Simpson marries at St Andrew Wolverhampton 29.5.1871 John Matthews 27 Fireman/foreman Gattis St Wolverhampton s of James oil refiner ,Matilda 22 Kinver d of William Simpson farmer .wit Edwin James and Mary Ann Foreman

Fanny's is the one I'm a bit worried about.The change of groom's first name and location,but the other two seem right.

The Adam Simpson born 1836 Ireland s of Archibald has a online tree with this couple as his parents but I've had no luck with Irish records.

1881 Dunstall Archibald 77 farmer Scotland
Charlotte wife 68 Scotland
They are next door to Adam and his wife Annie who Barbara was visiting on the 1871 census.In 1871 they are in Newton by Chester and Archies birth place is East Lothian,hers Edinburgh.
It's possible William Simpson ,the girls supposed father ,was Archibald's brother but no luck finding that either.
Although there is a William Simpson on the 1841 census at Stoke Prior Worc from Scotland engineer born 1816 Scotland which may be a candidate.He goes on to marry a Margaret Mason Sep 1841 Worcester moves to Swindon on the 1851 census and returns to the area in the 1861 and 1871 both at Worcester.He's not a farmer though and as yet I can find no connection.
At the moment I just can't get it to hang together.

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Re: Can you please help discover where she is?

Postby mjcosj » Wed Sep 21, 2016 1:20 pm

Thank you Ciderdrinker for your help.
Barbara was the one that I was concerned about, she seemed to disappear. Thank you for finding her.
Fanny and the name change is a puzzle but the family seem to be changing names early on. I found her marriage to James in Manchester, he sister Matilda seems straight forward in comparison.
The bit on her birth registration is a puzzle. I have searched to find out who was living at 46 Steelhouse Lane, Birmingham but could not get the document to load (some kind of error their end) The occupation or profession of Traveler is of course interesting but of little use, all of my searchs revealed nothing.
We battle on.
Thank you
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