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Old photos looking for a home

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Old photos looking for a home

Postby tedw » Thu Sep 08, 2016 6:23 am

I have been helping at the Waiheke Is museum (Auckland, NZ) They have an old battered photo album with about 80 studio photos, some by Turnbull and Sons, 75 Jamaica St, Glasgow and a few by a Dunedin,NZ studio. Can't tell with all as they are mounted in album and the bottom and back can't be seen.Pix were found at the local rubbish tip years ago. They must have belonged to Capt John Brown Kennedy of the Royal Scots Fusiliers and his wife Jessie Gillespie Kennedy or their children. There are also some enlargements including Scottish Borderers Officers, 1870, 1872 and 1873, Capt Kennedy's company 1877, Tyrou Curlers 1883, Kennedy home, "Stenhouse" Tyurou I have spoken to several members of the museum and they seem to be quite happy to let them go to members or relatives of the family. Would need to demolish the album to get photos out.
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Re: Old photos looking for a home

Postby Will_G » Fri Sep 09, 2016 9:36 am

It would be a huge shame for them to be lost so well done on saving them! I've messaged a few members on Ancestry who have John Brown Kennedy and Jessie in their tree and have pointed them to this forum. Hopefully you'll find a taker for them soon!
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Re: Old photos looking for a home

Postby Umpire » Sun Sep 11, 2016 7:57 am

I love old postcards etc and I would be happy to become custodian of such obviously depending on how many albums there were. A collection like this needs a home.

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