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Occupation help please!

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Re: Occupation help please!

Postby AdrianB38 » Fri Sep 02, 2016 3:43 pm

It's usually termed the long "s" - quite which style of writing it comes from, I don't know, and in any case people often seemed to pick and choose letter shapes. If you take a cursive version of this sort of "s" and stretch it up and down, then that's what you might get. Sometimes "ss" gets written as two long "s", sometimes as a long and a short - and if the short "s" has just one loop, the whole paired thing looks a bit like a "b". So my Pleass relatives got indexed as Pleab... Oh - people may vary which style they use by whether the double "s" is in the middle of the word or at the end. There may be rules, or ....

Beware the printed "s" that looks like a "f". And please do NOT transcribe it as an "f". There is a subtle difference - the crossbar on the "s" is only on one side.

Most of us will get a long way recognising the long "s", the "e" that looks like a Greek theta and the "c" that looks like an "r". All of which is absurd for me to try to type on a phone!

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