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Which Elizabeth is the right one???

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Which Elizabeth is the right one???

Postby rfitzgerald1963 » Mon Aug 29, 2016 3:46 pm

My 4x Great Grandfather William Hawkins 1761 - 1823 was married only once but had three families the below are the three marriages i have found which seem to be the right time but not sure how to confirm which if any is the right one for my William Hawkins.... :?

22 May 1779 - St Clements Dane Middx,
William Hawkins & Elizabeth Esling (if this is correct then based on his recorded age at death he was 18 when he married)

21 April 1782 - St James Piccadilly
William Hawkins & Elizabeth Bull

30 Dec 1783 - St James Piccadilly
William Hawkins & Elizabeth Green

any ideas anyone??

The Daughter (if its the right one)
Mary ann Hawkins was baptised in St James Westminster in 1784 so my thoughts are its one of the two that were married there??


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Re: Which Elizabeth is the right one???

Postby MayHam » Fri Sep 09, 2016 6:51 pm

Mary Ann appears to have had two siblings also baptised at St. James Westminster:
1. Vincent Campart Hawkins born 1782 or 1783 and baptised 1783 or 1784, respectively.
(The 1782 entry lists his father as William Plury Hawkins.)
2. Joseph Edward Hawkins born 27 Jul 1788 and baptised 18 Aug 1788.

Mary Ann maybe the Maria Hawkins (c1788, Hoxton) found in the 1851 census in Finsbury, Middlesex near her son, William (c1823, Bristol). She may also be the same Mary Ann Hawkins living with her son, William, and daughters, Erse (1804, Bristol) and Rose (1814, Bristol) in 1861 in Bristol, Gloucester.
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