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Unwanted Certificates

If you have birth, marriage or death records you no longer need, help other users by swapping them here

Unwanted Certificates

Postby Gringots » Mon Jan 25, 2016 4:03 pm

John Rankin Birth 21/5/1910 Parents Walter Rankin /Elizabeth Fraser Old Kilpatrick
Thomas Moss & Elaine Marshall Marriage 1846 St Helen's
Daisy Moss Birth 1895 Petersfield Parents William Moss / Mary AnnBudd
Boy Wardell Birth 1857 St Martin, Warwickshire Parents William Wardell / Kitty Stubbs
Daisy Moss Birth 1896Lewisham, Mother Julia Moss
Charles Payne Birth 1851 St Martin Birmingham, Father Charles Payne /Mary Ann ?
Charles Payne Death 1851 (2yrs) St Martin , Birmingham Father Charles Payne
Thomas Capewell Death 1854 Duddeston, Birmingham Grocer
John Moss Death 1860 Duddeston, Son of Mary Moss , Domestic Servant
Hannah Lee Death 1875 All Saints , Birmingham
Sarah Newman Death 1893 St George , Birmingham

Happy to send to anyone who wants them (in the UK)
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