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Info ommitted from GRO supplied birth cert

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Re: Info ommitted from GRO supplied birth cert

Postby aitch2o » Wed Nov 22, 2017 11:11 am

Thank you for that ianbee.

I have come to the conclusion that organisations who sell certificates should be obliged to tell us where they got their information from.

In the case of my grandmother it should have been mentioned that the information came from military records in Gibraltar.

My cousin got her copy from Gibraltar via a professional genealogist who obviously knew about this sort of thing.

In most cases the information on a birth cert would have come from the registry office local to the birth and this is what we are used to.

Sources should always be admitted; even by the GRO.
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Re: Info ommitted from GRO supplied birth cert

Postby ianbee » Wed Nov 22, 2017 11:23 am

Well, at least you have got to the bottom of it, which is good.
And here's another one! A brother
Richard George Forrest, born 1877
Card index ... cat=440722

Register entry ... cat=440722

The odd numbered pages and even numbered pages are grouped separately on the films, making the task of finding them a bit harder!

I presumed Elliott was the maiden name of the mother, now I'm not so sure! It's in brackets on the card index, but doesn't say it's the maiden name on the register. Or is that just the way they have done it?
EDIT - Well yes it must be, unless all these ladies had surname type middle names!

One problem may be a lack of indexes for the marriages and deaths?
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Re: Info ommitted from GRO supplied birth cert

Postby MaureenE » Wed Nov 22, 2017 10:38 pm

ianbee wrote:This may be useful for someone
On FamilySearch
Civil registration, 1848-1990

Card index to births, including the more recent ones

Remember that you will soon need to have a free FamilySearch account to view these images.

Interesting to see Ian, thanks for posting.

I have added this information to two FIBIS Fibiwiki pages
Chaplains Returns
General Register Office

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