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Cuckfield Compendium

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Cuckfield Compendium

Postby warpo » Sun Aug 23, 2015 7:42 pm

One final action to my individual searching is to simply google the name of the individual and the place name.

My ancestor is from Cuckfield in Sussex and I stumbled across this little gem and I thought I would mention to others here just in case it has been overlooked.

Cuckfield Compendium - Information about Cuckfield in West Sussex, past and present.
The Cuckfield Compendium was started in the 1990s. Its main purpose was, and still is, to encourage and assist the study and research of Local History, Family History and Genealogy in Cuckfield.

The site contains a range of learning resource material including photos, images of old postcards, parish records and other material that reflects Cuckfield’s heritage.
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