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Family Skeleton

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Family Skeleton

Postby SoozOne » Sat Aug 01, 2015 11:02 pm

I've been reading an interesting book review article.
The book written by family tree researcher Dr Wynne Weston-Davies, is about tracking his vanished great aunt. He's done a great deal of searching over the years, found his g.aunt Elizabeth had a Victorian divorce from a very short sour marriage which she left, and vanished without trace.
Based on his findings he has the theory she moved from Wales to London, changed her name to Mary Jane Kelly, went back to her previous occupation in the late 1880s. In Whitechapel.
He reckons her 'psycho' jealous ex-hubby moved to the Whitechapel area and in the process of tracking Elizabeth/Mary down killed a number of prostitutes till he found Mary Kelly, who was the last one linked to Jack the Ripper.
He's so convinced he's applied to get Mary, who was buried in a pauper grave, exhumed for DNA.
Thought it was interesting, but based on a number of assumptions. Even if the long-shot DNA is a match, it doesn't conclusively prove who killed her. Mary Kelly was the last death attributed to J the R. Her throat was slit like the others, but unlike them she was then badly mutilated about the face and her heart removed. Her ex committed suicide later by cutting his own throat.
Dr Weston-Davies goes on to say that his father always refused to talk about his family as they were 'a bad lot'.
Very intriguing.

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Re: Family Skeleton

Postby junkers » Fri Aug 07, 2015 7:05 pm

As with a lot of Jack the Ripper 'discoveries' it has assumptions. It has been thought for some time that the assumed body of Mary Jane Kelly is actually not hers but another women who worked with her, it was so badly mutilated that identification would be difficult. If the story by Dr Weston-Davies is true then why has the list of suspects gone missing from the file, over 100 pages disappeared in 1983. I would have thought that the last place a woman would want to be was in Whitechapel with its extreme poverty. There has been a view that M J Kelly was not poor by Whitechapel standards and could afford a better type of accommodation than literally hanging across a rope at night.
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Re: Family Skeleton

Postby theladebug » Thu Feb 25, 2016 12:58 am

How fascinating! I love hearing theories like these, I am curious about the Dna results!

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