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KARGER ~ Prussia/Germany/Poland

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Re: KARGER ~ Prussia/Germany/Poland

Postby ams007 » Fri Jul 24, 2015 6:51 am

thanks everyone, sorry I could reply sooner been having problems with my comp. yeah 1883 132/485 KARGER William Frome is my ancestor my 3x great grandpa, yeah I got the naturalization papers I have been confused whether Heinersdorf was his last residence or place of birth.

Yeah I've been on ancestry for quite a few years but I'm not currently subscribed so it makes it hard a wee bit, I've noticed the variation of places he was apparently born "Kielge, Kije, Poland" and "Kielge, Kije,,, Preussen" and "Kay, Laufen, Bayern,,, Poland" I used google to help with the location of bayern being in germany but all these places do make it hard knowing where he was born I was told by my aunty before I found anything on the Kargers, she said we had german blood so makes me wonder maybe Bayern (Bavaria) would be possibly correct but I need to find prove of his place of birth I don't know who Wilhelm's (William's) parents are yet. Thanks AdrianB38 I always try not to add info until I can find prove that it is correct, thanks ianbee I'm unable to read whether it says kutscher or not. thanks brune08 I haven't seen that so I'll have a look.
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Re: KARGER ~ Prussia/Germany/Poland

Postby kkarge1 » Sun Nov 04, 2018 12:07 pm

Any relation to Abraham Karger from Czarnikau ?
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