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Frederick William Shelton Smith

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Frederick William Shelton Smith

Postby lesleyyates » Tue Jul 07, 2015 9:28 pm

I am looking for the baptism of my 3x great-grandfather Frederick William Shelton Smith, who was born around 1821.
Frederick's father was George Shelton Smith, a hairdresser, and he had a brother named George Shelton Smith, who was also a hairdresser. I have found Frederick's marriage to Susanna Rowland in Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire, in 1843, and I also have the baptisms of his 4 children, all of which took place in Hockliffe, Bedfordshire. I have no idea whether Frederick himself hailed from Bedfordshire, as he died before the 1851 census (he was killed in a railway accident in January 1851). Before working as a railway porter, Frederick worked as a servant at Stockgrove Park, Bedfordshire.
I have found his brother George's marriage in 1838 in Shoreditch (to Hannah Taylor, a widow), but have no other information about him.

Any information about Frederick himself, or about George Shelton Smith (father or brother) would be gratefully received!
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Re: Frederick William Shelton Smith

Postby sdup26 » Wed Jul 08, 2015 6:01 pm

The problem is that Smith is such a common surname, and adding ‘Shelton’ to searches doesn’t seem to help. Is Frederick Rowland Shelton Smith, who married Mary Ann Gamble in 1866, your Frederick’s son? If so, maybe the family had a habit of adding a mother’s maiden name to the mix.

I know it’s Frederick’s origins we‘re looking for, but I wonder if he has any family connection to this man: Charles Shelton Smith married Lucy Chapman, 1865, Hammersmith, Middlesex, his father Robert George Smith.

Have you found George Shelton snr, hairdresser, in 1841?
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Re: Frederick William Shelton Smith

Postby lesleyyates » Wed Jul 08, 2015 9:23 pm

Frederick Rowland Shelton Smith is indeed Frederick William Shelton Smith's son (my 2x great grandfather). Another son was Henry Shelton Smith, and I have managed to find out lots about him.
I haven't ever come across Charles Shelton Smith before, so thanks very much for that lead. I will investigate and see where it leads!
I have had no luck with locating anything about George Shelton Smith senior. As you say, the 'Shelton' is essential to identifying this family, as Fred Smiths and George Smiths are somewhat numerous!
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Re: Frederick William Shelton Smith

Postby ianbee » Thu Jul 09, 2015 11:24 am

I think this might be Frederick's baptism, some time after he was born, the surname is Shelton!
At St James Piccadilly (Westminster), 18 June 1837
Christian Name - Frederick William Smith
Parents George + Elizabeth Shelton
Abode Stockbridge Terrace St George's Han. Sqr.
Father a Hairdresser
When born - about 18

So he was approximately 18 years old in 1837

There are two others at St James in the next two weeks!
25 June 1837
Alfred Henry Smith
parents George + Elizabeth Shelton
same abode/occupation details
born Oct 29 1828

2 July 1837
Mary Hannah Smith
parents George + Elizabeth Shelton
same details as before
"about 13 yrs old"

Civil registration of births, marriages and deaths started in July 1837. Wasn't there supposed to have been a rush of baptisms around that time?

Also a baptism at St Margaret Westminster, 25 January 1829
Born 7 June 1816
Frances Emma Smith
parents George + Elizabeth Shelton
abode Charlotte St Pimlico
father a Hair Dresser

1841 Census
piece 732 book 16 folio 12 page 17
St George Hanover Sqr
Stockbridge Terrace
no. 13
George Smith 50 Hair Dresser No (not born county)
Alfred Smith 12 Yes
a 3 year old Harriett Standen (?) is enumerated after them, are others at the same address

On the brother George, I can't find anything else re the marriage to Hannah Taylor nee Chaplin, and what became of her afterwards
In 1851 in Chelsea, piece 1474 folio 49 page 8 -
George Smith, widower, 38, Hair Dresser, born Middx Pimlico.
Two children, George Smith, 6, and Alfred Smith, 4, and two step daughters, Ann Newel, 12 and Elizabeth Newel, 10.
The step daughters were born Stepney.
Haven't found a marriage to cover that, and can't say for certain if that is the George we are also looking for.

A marriage, 30 June 1851, St Andrew Holborn -
George Smith Shelton, full age, Widower, Hair Dresser, father George Smith Shelton, Hair Dresser
Mary Chalcroft, full age, Spinster, father John Chalcroft, Builder
address for both Shoe Lane
witnesses John Chalcroft, Mary Hannah Adams

Don't know if that witness might have been the sister Mary Hannah Smith/Shelton?
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Re: Frederick William Shelton Smith

Postby ianbee » Thu Jul 09, 2015 4:46 pm

This could be the baptism of George, just before that marriage in Holborn
Shelton is the surname, Smith given as a middle name for both George and his father
Christ Church St Marylebone
16th April 1851
George Smith, son of
George Smith + Elizabeth, surname Shelton
abode 7 Hardington St
father a Hair Dresser
born 10th April 1812

He certainly isn't at that address in the 1851 census, the George born Pimlico living in North street, Chelsea is exactly the right age, and we know the family were in Pimlico for quite a while.
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Re: Frederick William Shelton Smith

Postby lesleyyates » Thu Jul 09, 2015 8:50 pm

Oh wow! Thank you so much for all the work you have put into this. I have been looking for this family for so long and I can't believe that the riddle has been solved within 48 hours of posting my query on this forum (my first ever posting on any forum)! It's been such a hard nut to crack due to the 'Smith' factor and the fact that Frederick was killed just before the 1851 census.

I have looked at the 1841 census entry for George and Hannah Smith several times before and over time I have become more and more confident that this must be George Shelton Smith. I explored the Charles Shelton Smith lead yesterday and this led me to think that there was definitely a Westminster connection emerging. One of my discoveries was a George Smith, aged 71 and a hairdresser in the St George, Hanover Square workhouse yesterday and he was born in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire. Now that I have so much corroborating evidence to support the theory, I can follow this trail with confidence.

Thanks so much, again. I can't wait to type it all up and tell my family the good news!
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Re: Frederick William Shelton Smith

Postby GreyWolf » Tue Nov 14, 2017 4:26 pm

You may be interested in this line of descent, it appears we are related;
William I, Henry I, Matilda Empress of England, Henry II, King John, Henry III, Edward I, Edward II, Edward III, John of Gaunt, Joan de Beaufort, Lady Eleanor Neville, Lady Katherine Percy, George Grey 2nd Earl of Kent, Henry Grey 4th Earl of Kent, Henry Grey, Charles Grey 7th Earl of Kent, Lady Susanna Grey, Gray Longueville, Margaret Longueville of Meppershall Manor, Grey Arnold,Thomas Arnold, Susannah Ward, Susannah Rowland, Frederick William Shelton-Smith, Frederick Rowland Shelton-Smith, Rosina Smith (my maternal grandmother).
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