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AJ Cattle - did he serve in WW1?

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Re: AJ Cattle - did he serve in WW1?

Postby ianbee » Mon Aug 24, 2015 9:32 am

Alexander was born August 1898, so presumably would have been called up in summer 1916 when aged 18 (I think originally conscription was set at age 19, and was very rapidly reduced to 18?)
The Bing Boys opened in London in April 1916, so unless that was written on the photo much later, then the dates would tie in with an army camp in summer/autumn 1916 at the earliest.
The group photo is slightly puzzling to me, the two lads in the front don't look as though they are eighteen (but who knows), whilst the chap next to them in the glasses, well to me he looks 40 odd! The one in the middle of the back three looks as though he may be in his early twenties perhaps
Again in the woods photo, from what I can make out of them, a number look to be in their thirties. So unless they were men from several different battalions I am not sure what to make of the young soldiers idea, not being a military expert!
If he served eighteen months in Germany after the end of the war, then he would still have been listed as a naval/military voter in autumn 1919, which he wasn't.
In my own family, my gran's brother was born in September 1898, appears likely to have been conscripted in 1916, and died of wounds in May 1918, aged 19. So I don't know why Alexander wasn't sent abroad, it can't just be because of his age.
He is listed as an absent voter because he was in the military, and normally would have been resident in Marlborough Road. You may have to contact Islington Local History Centre to see if they can help you re any surviving AVLs. I don't think the British Library have any for Islington, but you can check perhaps
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Re: AJ Cattle - did he serve in WW1?

Postby Jenaheldd » Mon Aug 24, 2015 12:29 pm

That's why I love a good forum - sometimes you just need someone else to look at a scenario to see it completely differently! That is a very good point about the people in the group photos - they don't all look like young soldiers at all! And as much as I had looked up the Bing Boys, I didn't put the date of 1916 in context with the image either!!

I emailed the Islington local history centre this morning to see if they knew the wereabouts of the AVLs. I do know a lot of their holdings are going into storage for about 12 months as the Finsbury library is about to undergo a big refurbishment, so it would be just my luck the AVLs will be in this group! :roll:
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