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Joseph Charles Pearson, Middlesbrough, not on 1911 census

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Joseph Charles Pearson, Middlesbrough, not on 1911 census

Postby gemstar » Sun May 17, 2015 3:51 pm

I am hoping people will be able to help me.
My maternal grandfather, Joseph Charles Pearson, was born on 8/2/1905. He died in 1963, married in 1931.
His mother was Mary Elizabeth Pearson, nee Burns - born in 1882.
His father was Joseph Pearson, born in about 1882.

Mary and Joseph, married in August 1904, six months before my grandfather was born.
My problem, is that I can't find any of them on the 1911 census. I have looked everywhere.
I am also having problems with tracing his father Joseph Pearson, trying to find his birth and his death. I haven't been able to find Mary's death either - so any help would be appreciated.
Joseph Pearson, was a barman, and his father was James Pearson.
I found a Joseph Pearson in the 1901 and 1891 census - living as a stepson to a William Pattison, who had married (or so it appears) Joseph's Pearson's mother Elizabeth Pattison/Pearson. His father's name was James. But I can't find James and his marriage to Elizabeth, nor any record of his death. William and Elizabeth married in about 1886.

Mary Elizabeth was illiterate and was unable to sign her wedding certificate and her son's birth certificate - she marked both with a cross. She was daughter to John Lackland Burns, and Maria Burns nee Skinner. She was born in Thornaby. By the time of Mary's marriage, her father had died, and was known as Laughlin Burns. He was a blacksmith. Mary Elizabeth was a servant in 1901. By the time of their marriage in 1904, Joseph Pearson and Mary Elizabeth Burns were living at the Volunteer Hotel, Cannon Street Middlesbrough. I can't seem to find Mary's family in 1891 either.

So I need help with finding them on the 1911 census, when and where was Joseph Pearson (the elder) born and when and where did he die? Have I got the right Joseph Pearson in the census returns of 1891 and 1901? When and where did Mary Elizabeth Pearson die, and did my grandfather have any siblings?

Any tips and help will be gratefully received.
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Re: Joseph Charles Pearson, Middlesbrough, not on 1911 censu

Postby gemstar » Mon Mar 11, 2019 6:47 pm

My grandfather, is listed on the 1911 census, along with his father, and his brother James. They are living at an address in Hartlepool.
Joseph the elder, is listed as son to the head of the household, and my grandfather and great uncle are listed as "nephews" to the head of the household. Wrong, should have been "grandson".
The odd thing now is that I can't find Mary Elizabeth Pearson, nee Burns at all on the 1911 census.
She was present when my grandfather, and great uncle were baptised in 1905 and 1906 respectively, but then seems to disappear. I have tried various date ranges to see if I can find her death, but nothing. I am completely stumped.
My grandfather was born in February 1905, and my great uncle James, was born in April 1906. They were both baptised in St Patrick's Church Middlesbrough. my great uncle baptism, is the last time that Mary Elizabeth is listed on anything.
Anyone got any clues on what may have happened to her? It is completely confusing.
Thanks in advance
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Re: Joseph Charles Pearson, Middlesbrough, not on 1911 censu

Postby sdup26 » Tue Mar 12, 2019 6:58 pm

I've had no luck finding Mary Elizabeth in 1911, and like you, can't find a likely death. You say she had a son, James, in 1906, and I wonder about the possibility of a post-natal disorder that could have led to Mary E being admitted to a hospital/asylum. If so, and assuming the institution was on the 1911 census, chances are she would be listed under initials only. You had trouble finding them all before and then they turned up, so I could be completely wrong, but maybe worth considering?
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